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The Athletes’ Village is open every day… Tokyo Olympics quarantine and information ‘blinking’

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The basic status such as the number of countries and the number of people staying is also included.
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The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has not provided even basic information about how many people are staying in the village, including information on the confirmed cases, although there is an emergency in quarantine due to the occurrence of a confirmed case of Corona 19 among the athletes who entered the Tokyo Olympic Athletes’ Village. . It is pointed out that they are criticizing themselves for being a ‘blind quarantine’.

According to the Asahi Shimbun on the 19th, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the organizing committee held a press conference the day before and showed confidence in the countermeasures against COVID-19 related to the Tokyo Olympics, such as “The infection control is stricter than any other event in the world.”

But the reality was different. On the 17th, the first confirmed case of Corona 19 among non-athletes among the guests of the village was confirmed, and on the 18th, two players staying at the village were tested positive. The organizing committee did not disclose the nationality and status of the confirmed person for reasons of personal information, but only informed that all three were of the same nationality and sport. Afterwards, the South African Football Association revealed the real name of a confirmed case among the Olympic men’s soccer team, and the related information was released only after the organizing committee recognized it late in the afternoon.

In particular, 21 people, including players from the South African national team, were classified as close contacts, raising concerns about whether the first group match against Japan on the 22nd would go as scheduled. Athletes classified as close contacts can participate if the PCR (gene amplification) test performed 6 hours before the start of the game is negative.

In addition, the organizing committee hardly discloses the status of the athletes’ village. The organizing committee said, “We cannot disclose the details of the number of countries, the number of people, officials and players who entered the village,” and when a South African athlete was diagnosed with the virus, he made the same statement and is reluctant to disclose information. The organizing committee said on the same day that three people, including officials from the Games and media officials, who entered Japan from abroad, were confirmed with COVID-19, and the number of confirmed cases among Olympic officials so far has risen to 58.

The Japanese government is implementing a ‘bubble prevention’ that blocks contact with outsiders when Tokyo Olympic athletes and officials enter the country, but it was also found to be full of gaps. According to the Mainichi Shimbun, on the afternoon of the 17th, when the Argentine, French, and Korean men’s soccer teams appeared at the arrival hall at the airport, some fans shunned the restraints of the organizing committee and ran to the players, and even took a commemorative photo with the players without wearing a mask.

Toyota Motor, which has been classified as the highest among sponsors due to the Tokyo Olympics’ poor quarantine against COVID-19, has decided to suspend TV advertisements related to the Olympics in Japan. According to the Asahi Shimbun, Toyota public relations executive Jun Nagata announced at an online press conference that day, pointing out that “many things are becoming an incomprehensible Olympic Games” and announced a policy of suspending advertisements. In addition, Toyota Motor Company officials, including President Akio Toyota, decided not to attend the opening ceremony. It is known that this is because negative public opinion about the Tokyo Olympics has not subsided, and the company’s image may deteriorate if TV commercials are broadcast.

By Kim Jin-ah, staff reporter [email protected]

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