The Australian Prime Minister reverses his attitude and says he is willing to relax the ban on Djokovic and the world’s first fined $500,000 – yqqlm

Original title: Australian Prime Minister reversed his attitude and said he was willing to relax the ban on Germany and Jordan, the world’s first fined $500,000

On January 17, Beijing time, according to the Associated Press, Novak Djokovic arrived in Dubai on Monday local time after being expelled by the Australian government. At Dubai International Airport, arriving passengers wearing mandatory masks collected their bags and walked out of the cavernous terminal as the Emirates plane carrying Djokovic landed 13.5 hours after taking off from Melbourne. More than an hour after Djokovic’s flight arrived, he didn’t come out of baggage claim because many of the passengers on his plane had already claimed their bags on a conveyor belt.

It is unclear where Djokovic plans to go next, with the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships he won in 2020 not played until February 14 local time. Dubai, the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, does not require mandatory vaccinations for travelers, but travelers must show a negative nucleic acid test certificate before boarding.

In an interview with the Today Show on Monday, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews confirmed that Djokovic will be banned from entering the country for three years, the result of a court decision: “Immigration Minister Hawke cancels visa, federal The court upheld the cancellation and, as a result, he will be banned from Australia for three years. If Djokovic returns to Australia in the future with compelling reasons, he may be considered for admission, but for now this is all hypothetical .”

However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who had been tough before, changed his attitude and said that it is possible to allow Djokovic to enter before the end of the three-year ban: “I will not make any prerequisites for these, and I will not say Anything that doesn’t get the ministers to make the various calls they have to make. The ban is three years, but (Djokovic) has a chance to come back in the right circumstances, we’ll think about it when the time comes.”

In addition, Telegraf reported that Djokovic should be financially responsible for “all costs” associated with his appeal, which is expected to cost around $500,000 — a sum that could have been paid if the court had reached a different conclusion on Sunday. on Australian taxpayers.Return to Sohu, see more


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