The authorities are investigating cold weather conditions that may occur in North Dakota and Wisconsin. | State & Regional

BISMARCK, N.D. | In Northern Dakota, the Office of Sheriff County Sheriff, a 23-year-old man announcing the missing person in Langdon, announced last weekend. The Authorities say Conner Sander was home to make solutions to the North Dakota Junior Hockey Tournament and did not show his game at the Dakota Spirit Arena. The authorities believe that Sander was walking from the Langdon Motor Inn to the Cobblestone Inn, it got confused and cold over Friday when it was less than 10 degrees.

In Wisconsin, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office prepared an Autopsy Monday on a man's body that was frozen in a Sunday vehicle. An authority says that the man seemed to have been homeless and found out in a derelict vehicle in the northwestern Milwaukee.

Low temperatures were arranged in certain cities of Wisconsin early Monday. The temperature fell to 14 below in Oshkosh, launching the old program for the 9th day below set down in 1917. In Manitowoc, a new record of 11 below was set, and the old record of less than 10 laid down in 1884 was broken.


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