The autopsy results “Inspector Kan” found drugs in the marijuana group. The brother who is an overseer is addicted to death

The results of the autopsy “Inspector Kan” found drugs in the marijuana group. brother who is a police inspector Was the cause of death caused by assault or not

at 2:00 pm (16 March 2023) at the Pathology Department of Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital Pol Gen Torsak Sukwimol, deputy police chief, together with the Sai Mai police station examined the results of the autopsy. Pol. Lt. Col. Kittikarn Sangboon or ‘Inspector Kan’, the administrative inspector. news development center of the Special Branch of the Police Headquarters before bringing the results to the end of the case after yesterday Unit 26 Arintharat launched a campaign to raid and detain Inspector Kan. And firing guns at each other in Kong Kong village, Soi Jiramakorn, Sai Mai District, where in the end, Inspector Kan was shot, injured and later died in hospital after attending an autopsy for 20 minutes. He revealed Sak that the results of drug detection in the blood of the deceased Initially, a ‘marijuana group’ was found in the body, having to wait for the results of a detailed examination. In order to make it clear and answer social questions, it is expected that the results will be known in another 3 days.

Initially, the doctor reported the cause of death as blood loss. But no bullets were found in the body. because the bullet pierced the whole body There are bruises on the body. But the point where the bullet enters the main Is the body from the chest down bullet through the lungs and he had bleeding in the abdomen

“It was confirmed that he did not expect to take his life. But because while the officers were trying to overcome and keep using rubber bullets and electric guns Inspector Kan fired a gun in response. Causing another set of police using live ammunition to fire in response until Inspector Kan jumped from the second floor window and fell down.”

Pol Gen Torsak confirmed that the Royal Thai Police did not want to cause casualties. The officers have tried to negotiate in every possible way. but he cannot discuss Even psychiatric doctors discussed and assessed and found that he was beyond recovery. Therefore, the above charger needs to be overcome.

However, the deceased’s brother, who was a police superintendent Whether the cause of death was caused by physical abuse or not But this point can be explained medically as arising from a collision From now on, the results will be reported. The Royal Thai Police Commissioner acknowledged and asked the Royal Thai Police Spokesperson’s team to explain again. by the special operations unit that went on this mission having to enter the justice process together with explaining the practice where the police work according to tactics can explain Although it takes 28 hours to work together , it is not considered a failure. Because every step is carefully planned. and prevent losses as much as possible

Pol Gen Torsak also said that from now on he will discuss helping people who are affected. Including the family of Inspector Kan because he sees that he has been inferior who created virtue throughout his service And for the benefit of the nation at the same time, the police forensics have collected bullets and evidence. along with simulating the events before bringing the results to the case over Inspector Kan’s body Relatives and family will bring him to pray the Abhidhamma at Wat Suthisaard. Khlong Sam Wa area with a schedule to pray for 1 night before the cremation ceremony and bring the bones back to their hometown