The baht is likely to appreciate next week in the range of 31.00-31.50 baht / dollar.

Kasikorn Bank Valuation of the baht in the next week (10-14 May) the movement of the baht at 31.00-31.50 baht per dollar.

Key factors to monitor include the country’s COVID-19 situation, a moving signal, the US economic stimulus package in Congress and the US-China situation.

While the major US economic figures consist of consumer price indexes. Producer price index Retail sales Industrial production April And the consumer confidence index in May. (Preliminary) and the number of weekly unemployment claims The market is also waiting to track information on the RMB loan balance. Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index for April. Of China as well

Thai baht moves in a limited frame. The baht strengthened slightly in the middle of the week following a post-domestic market adjustment. The baht subsequently weakened amid fears about the economic impact of the third round of COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

However, the baht strengthened again at the end of the week. While the dollar Faced with market pressure from concerns about tightening US monetary policy, the US Treasury Secretary reiterated that Did not want to interfere with the Fed’s interest decisions. And added that Inflation has not yet created a problem for the US economy.

On Friday (May 7), the baht stood at 31.15, compared to the level of 31.14 baht per dollar. On the previous Friday (April 30)

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