The baht this morning was volatile, appreciating at 36.17-36.19 baht per dollar.

Ms Kanchana Chokpaisarnsilp research executive officer Kasikorn Research Center He said the baht had adjusted to around 36.17-36.19 baht per dollar. In the morning today (November 22), it strengthened slightly compared to the end of yesterday at 36.23 baht per dollar.

by evenbahtmoving up a bit after the market opened this morning But it’s still a narrow move. And you must be careful of variations that can occur during the day. As most Asian currencies continue to face depreciation pressures. As the market remains concerned about the situation of the COVID outbreak and its potential impact on the Chinese economic outlook.

As for the movement of the baht today, it is expected to be at 36.15-36.40 baht per dollar.

Although important factors to monitor include the direction of fund flow and other currencies in the region, especially the yuan. and US interest rate signal From a Fed official statement

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