Home Business The baht today (29 Oct) appreciated at 33.19 baht, the latest analysis.

The baht today (29 Oct) appreciated at 33.19 baht, the latest analysis.

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The baht today (29 October) appreciated at 33.19 baht, with a support line of 33.10 baht, a resistance of 33.30 baht.

On October 29, 2021, Kasikorn Bank revealed that today’s baht (October 29) opened a strong market at 33.19 baht per dollar. Compared to the closing price of the previous business day By today’s moving frame, support is expected at 33.10 baht and resistance at 33.30 baht.

The downside was the US GDP growth rate (GDP) in the third quarter, which grew 2.0% annualized QoQ, less than the forecast of 2.6% annualized QoQ.

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) kept its policy interest rate unchanged. and Mrs Christine Lagarde, chairman of the ECB signaling a slowdown in the market’s expectations of raising interest rates

Bank of Japan keeps interest rates steady QE policy and measures

factors in the country The Ministry of Finance has downgraded its forecast for the Thai economy this year to
1.0% from 1.3%

For the factors that must be monitored today is the current account balance of Thailand and the Eurozone inflation rate.

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