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The bank fired, the young banker expected to steal 10 million from the customer’s account.

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27 Oct. 2021 21:01

The bank that Chaiyaphum entered was the victim. prosecution of a former employee stealing customer information Transfer money from the account by withdrawing from the phone, estimated to be 10 million, the bank must compensate the account holder. and the victim is prosecuted for theft of the employer

from the case of a bank employee in Chaiyaphum province secretly transferring money to customers to your own and allies account admits confessing that he has withdrawn money from 7 customer accounts with a total amount of up to 10 million baht, with the part of 2 customers who have notified the bank responsible for refunding the money to the account Ready to fire this bank employee before filing a lawsuit

The latest at 15.00 on October 27, Ms. Pattama Baitsi, 28 years old, residents of Kaeng Khro District. Chaiyaphum Province A former employee of the bank, the accused, came to meet Pol Lt. Col. Patcharaphon Atkamon, deputy senator of the Muang Chaiyaphum Police Station. After the embezzlement of the bank’s customers From a non-moving account or a customer who goes to work abroad, sends money into the account. Once in a while, relatives will bring the account to adjust the book once. By using the method of bringing the public number to bind to a phone number for depositing or withdrawing via phone Then gradually transfer the children’s money out.

The two victims filed a complaint at Muang Chaiyaphum Police Station Since 19 Oct. The first was Miss Fai Nam Nong Or, 57, assigned to Miss Narin Danchaiyaphum, 36, to file a complaint with Pol Lt. Col. Patcharaphon Ajkamol, Deputy Inspector General of the Muang Police Station. Chaiyaphum The damage value is 1.8 million baht and another, Mrs. Narathip Chiamchaiyaphum, 52 years old, house number 336, Village No. 5, Huai Rai Subdistrict, Khon Sawan District. Chaiyaphum Province, damaged 1,186,568 baht.

Mr. Nattawut, the son of Mrs. Narathip, revealed that in this case, there are many suspicions that the bank has concealed information. and is not transparent in providing information to customers, such as not notifying the state as requested and did not clarify that the money in the account was lost Who did it? including details where he and his family would like to know how the money disappeared Be a bank person Or is the bank’s officer involved? In this section, the bank asked the bank to explain to his family about the loss of money from the account this time.

Pol Lt. Col. Patcharaphon Atkamol, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation), Muang Chaiyaphum Police Station. Has requested a warrant from the Chaiyaphum Provincial Court, numbered 152/2564 dated October 20, 2021 to track down Ms. Pattama, a bank employee. embezzlement Until I learned from Sawang Khamtha Foundation that Ms. Pattama had an accident driving down the road until she was injured and was admitted to Chaiyaphum Ram Hospital. Therefore, an arrest warrant was issued to arrest Miss Pattama at the hospital for prosecution. Report an employer’s theft allegation and bringing false information to the computer system Sent to the Chaiyaphum Provincial Court for detention, later Ms. Pattama submitted bail. using 4 million baht in securities to ask for bail in court

However, from the investigation of Ms. Pattama’s phone SIM, the suspect found more than 10 sims identifying the customer’s name. to give further testimony and did not ask for any information to the media who waited to inquire whether Want to be fair to yourself in this case as well?

On the part of the representative of the original bank in motion Since October 26, 64, a representative has been sent to file a complaint against this 28-year-old employee because the employer’s bank has been damaged. with an order to dismiss from being an employee and the refund will be transferred to the customer’s account that has been damaged All of them are complete.

Pol Lt. Col. Patcharaphon Atkamon, deputy senator of the Muang Chaiyaphum police station, after further investigation revealed that Miss Pattama admitted to withdrawing money from 7 bank customers and handing over the SIM card. The phone with the customer’s name, number of 7 SIM cards, is estimated that the amount of misappropriation from the customer’s account should be as much as 10 million baht. The bank will check the customer’s account again to collect evidence against this former employee. Initially, the investigating officer reported the employer’s theft charges. And bringing the information to the computer system that is false. Banks, employers are the direct victims.

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