The banner that Jun-seok Lee hung again in Gwangju was damaged again after 3 hours

Photo source = People’s Power Lee Jun-seok’s Facebook page

On the morning of the 20th, in front of Chonnam National University in Gwangju, representative of People’s Power Lee Jun-seok replaced the sucrose banner that had been damaged the day before and appealed for prevention of recurrence, but to no avail. Just over three hours later, another banner was found damaged.

People’s Power Kwak Seung-yong, candidate for the Buk-gu council in Gwangju, said on Facebook on the 20th, “Not long after President Lee left, I found another damaged banner.” “This time someone cut the rope with a knife. He reported it to the police and is waiting for the police to arrive.”

Photo Source = People’s Power Kwak Seung-yong, Gwangju Buk-gu Assemblyman Candidate

Candidate Kwak, who discovered that another banner was damaged, said, “The banner of Candidate Ki-hwan Gi-hwan, the mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, opposite the Gwangju Bank in Maegok-dong, Buk-gu, was damaged. I think it may have been the work of the same criminal.” In the photo uploaded with the article, banners were scattered on the floor.

Representative Lee headed from Seoul to Gwangju the day before hearing the news that the banners of Candidates Joo and Kwak had been damaged. Representative Lee, who directly replaced the new banner this morning, explained, “I got off the express bus at midnight yesterday to mean that our party will not give in to such things in the future and will not stop challenging Honam, especially Gwangju.”

Photo source = People’s Power Lee Jun-seok’s Facebook page

Representative Lee said, “Candidate Joo Ki-hwan, Kwak Seung-yong, and many other candidates are working hard for the future of politics in Gwangju. Rather than a negative approach in our party, this is also seen as an expression of public interest. “This must not be repeated again,” he said.

Reporter Yoo-kyung Jo,

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