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NK/T cell lymphoma has a high incidence in China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries. (Shutterstock)

Editor’s note:Even though I eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep, why do I still feel let down every day? Do you often feel heavy in your body, heavy in your mind, and in your swollen face? Your lymph may be blocked! The most gentle, effective and simple home therapy, massage for 3 minutes a day, strengthen immunity, improve the digestive system, regain a light body and clear skin!

The technique used in this self-lymphatic massage is actually the same as that of a lymphedema therapist The only difference between the two is that you use your own hands to complete these healing movements. These movements will nourish you, touch your inner being, and let your innate self-healing power flow through your body again. There is scientific backing for every massage method I offer, but long before I developed this one, there was a wealth of research showing that anyone can heal themselves through “touch.”

Scientists have discovered that lymph flow increases during lymphatic massage. They were able to observe this phenomenon thanks to technology. With the help of the near-infrared fluorescent lymphatic imaging system, they can instantly see images of lymphatic massage to improve lymphatic flow through a green fluorescent dye called indigo green.

Almost all cultures use “touch” to nurture each other’s body and mind, we don’t usually do it for ourselves. If you’ve ever rocked a child to sleep, held the hands of a frightened person, or hugged a grieving friend, you know the power of touch. The touch of a self-lymphatic massage can activate your innate “self-healing power”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and initiate a series of biochemical reactions in your body. Remember, touch not only helps relieve anxiety and stress, but also improves immune system function, sleep, pain, nausea, fatigue and side effects of chemotherapy. In addition, touch can speed wound healing and relieve symptoms of various chronic conditions, including fibromyalgia and lupus.

Before you start massaging the lymph nodes, you must plant these concepts in your brain and give yourself a chance to nourish yourself! Your self-massage session will be one dynamic meditation after another, and the belief in self-love is the foundation that makes it all work. The more experience you have in this area, the better your confidence, intuition and sensitivity.

The set of self-massage techniques you are about to learn is very specific about the direction of the stroke. No matter where you want to massage, the direction of stroking must take into account the distribution of lymph nodes:Your hands must move towards the lymph nodes to effectively reduce the inflammation in the area. These strokes create a “wave” of sensations in your body that creates a “vacuum effect” in your lymphatic system, driving the system’s performance in absorbing fluids, flushing out toxins, etc. Because the network of your lymphatic system is interlocking, so when you massage one part of the body, it can also affect the lymphatic circulation in other parts that are far from it. The reason why my massage works so well is that it prioritizes activating your lymph nodes, which are important portals for lymphatic drainage.

I often illustrate the importance of this issue with a bathtub full of water and a circle of dirt on the wall. If you were cleaning this tub, where would you start? Most people scrub the walls first, while others fill the bathtub with clean water first. But really, your top priority should be to get rid of the hair on the drain hole. Otherwise, even if you pour clean water into the bathtub, or brush the dirt off the walls, all you get is a tank of dirty water that won’t drain.

This is the reason for giving functioning lymph nodes first. Stimulate them first so that they are primed to absorb fluid, directing the fluid you are directing to out of the tissue. Because of this, I encourage everyone to massage their lymph nodes before dry brushing. As we said before, lymph nodes are mainly located in the centers or joints of your body, and this arrangement seems to not only protect you, but also allow more opportunities to activate lymph nodes to maintain normal functions.

Next, let’s look at the basics of self-lymphatic massage.

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