The Batman has not received the green light from Warner Bros. to make a follow-up. including other optional projects

It’s all over the place for batman fans. because of the possession Warner Bros. the new board of directors David Zaslav As a result, some projects were stopped and postponed until the plans Chief Executive Officer The new set will be clear.

after The Weird Twins a A deal Suspended in order to continue development Although the film remains A deal almost complete Now, many other projects seem to be in turmoil and likely to be put on hold. Either a normal movie or a superhero movie. Because many things do not fit into the design of the creation of the universe. DCEU

Fans care about that The Batman from the director Matt Reeves may be one of them because it is a film with a singularity similar to Batman oh Christopher Nolan which may be outside the plans of DCEU but also good for Joker The sequel has already begun to be planned. Fans have hope because Joker It is also considered a separate film because Chief Executive Officer new set on behalf Discover Warner Bros There is a plan to create a universe DCEU to be as big as the shore Amazed or MCU will all start from one account Another very possible trend is now. Discover Warner Bros aimed Greg Berlanti creator Arrowverse to be a medium Kevin Feige to manage the overall picture DCEU

That’s why Discover Warner Bros Agree to cut out projects that are rarely needed. Although every film has a tendency to sell it. In a new report by Variety Let the fans know there is a future The Batman 2 The trend may be more uncertain. because there is no approval to build which has created a surprise mixed with the concerns of the fans It is wrong to announce a sequel immediately after the success of the film.

The Batman sweep away income $770 millionaround the world, that’s why Discover Warner Bros it certainly won’t be ignored, but the sequel The Batman It may not be built soon for sure. and the director Matt Reeves He himself once came out to say that he was not in much of a hurry with this project.

Projects that fall within the scope are said to be unclear. Discover Warner Bros to build or not Wonder Woman 3 from the director Patty Jenkins a Superman Development of scripts by screenwriters Ta-Nehisi Coates Also included is a hero movie like Zatanna , Static Shock a Happy Black to be represented by Jurnee Smollett It is also a project that has the potential to be stalled.

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