The batter also sits down, “It feels like’What’s this ball!'” “Ultra-rare” The magic ball is “Honma ni Egu” | Full-Count

Lotte hitting line struggles with “Palm” operated by Hiroshima Tokoda

■ Hiroshima 2-1 Lotte (Open Battle, 16th, ZOZO Marine)

Hiroshima pitcher Hiroki Tokoda started the open game (ZOZO Marine) with Lotte on the 16th and became the winning pitcher with 2 hits and no runs in the 6th inning. The “magic ball” palm, which has become an ultra-rare changing ball, is effective, and Lotte’s batting line is tajitaji. The scenes where I couldn’t get my hands on my hips were conspicuous, and the fans also paid attention to “I’m pretty sure everyone is seeing off with the feeling of’What’s this ball!'”.

A ball type used by Takuya Asao, who supported the golden age of China and Japan, and Kazuyuki Hoashi, a former Seibu lion. A ball like an “endangered species” is a nuisance to the batter. Lotte’s batters stared astonishingly at the trajectory thrown by Tokoda. There was also a scene where Martin was overtly sitting down.

The 27-year-old left arm, who has reached his sixth year, seems to be doing well toward the opening. He is also a Central League pitcher, but he also pays attention to the official YouTube channel of “PERSOL His Pacific League TV” for a rare ball. From the fans, “It’s an endangered species, isn’t it?” “If you enter the Tokoda zone, you’ll be crazy about it.” Surprising comments lined up.

[Actual video]”Everyone is seeing off with the feeling of’What’s this ball!'”

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