The battle between Korea and Japan… Japan’s “opaque” presidential office “no comment”

Detailed schedules and formats appear to be coordinated

Regarding the Japanese media report that the possibility of a Korea-Japan summit scheduled for the United Nations General Assembly is ‘opaque’, the president’s office refrained from expressing its position, saying that there was “officially no comment.” The South Korean government made it a fact of holding the Korea-Japan summit, but the Japanese side did not ‘react’ to this. A high-ranking official from the presidential office met with reporters at the London Press Center on the 18th (local time) and said, “There have been many inquiries about the Korea-Japan summit. We have no choice but to comment.” He continued, “Is this a sudden situation, or ‘is it a change from the previous (summit) forecasts?’ It’s nothing like that. There’s not much to say at the moment.”

The presidential office previously said it had agreed to hold a Korea-Japan summit in addition to the Korea-US summit following President Yoon Seok-yeol’s visit to the United Nations, but the Japanese government insists “there is no timetable specific set. following this, Japanese media reported that the Japanese government protested against the Korean government, saying that the Korean government had made a statement that was not based on facts, and reports that the possibility of holding a Korea-Japan summit was unclear.

The reason why the presidential office refrained from giving detailed explanations on this day is read as an intention not to escalate conflict by responding calmly to the negative outlook of the Japanese media. It is also interpreted that the two sides are still in coordination over timetables, formats and detailed agendas.

Since the temperature difference between the two sides is still large, even if President Yun and Prime Minister Kishida Fumio meet at the summit, there is a possibility that they will turn away from the meaning of the first meeting only . There is also concern that it will take longer for Korean-Japanese relations to find momentum for restoration if a cold air current is expressed between the leaders of Korea and Japan at the first meeting. Due to the nature of the multilateral diplomacy field, where various schedules are tight and changes to the schedule are frequent, there is a possibility that the meeting will be abbreviated because it is impossible to devote a long time to it. The presidential office expected the meeting to last about 30 minutes, but given the interpretation time, the actual meeting time could only be about 15 minutes.

London Correspondent Anseok

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