The battle is at its height, and the captain is replaced?

The battle is at its height, and the captain is replaced?


It is taboo for military strategists to change generals just before the battle, but when the Russia-Ukraine war was over, there was news that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine was about to be replaced. A person close to President Zelensky said that due to the frequent corruption scandals in the Ministry of Defense, the current Minister of Defense Reznikov is under great pressure, so he will be transferred to other important positions, but the specific time is not known

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) It is not clear when this personnel change will be officially announced. David Arachamija, chairman of the parliamentary group of the “Servant of the People” party to which President Zelensky belongs, posted on the social platform Telegram that the current director of military intelligence, 37-year-old Kyrylo Budanow, will take over. the position of Minister of Defence.

Alachamia said the above decision is fully in line with “logic” in a state of war, “In a state of war, the Ministry of Defense should be led by professionals with a security background, not by a politician.” Chamiya refused to disclose the specific time of this personnel change. Later, he issued another document saying, “During this week, there will be no personnel changes in the Department of Defense system.”

Ukrainian military chief Budanov is expected to become defense minister

It is reported that Olexij Resnikow, who will serve as Minister of Defense from 2021, will take up the position of Minister of Strategic Industry. Reznikov, 56, a former lawyer, has drawn widespread criticism over a series of corruption and waste scandals in the Ministry of Defence. Earlier, the Deputy Defense Minister Wjatscheslaw Schapowalow (Wjatscheslaw Schapowalow) had been forced to take the blame and resign due to the high price of military supplies. According to media reports, other departments within the Ministry of National Defense have also had scandals involving theft and theft of military barracks construction funds.

“Absolutely with a clear conscience”

Reznikov denied the allegations against him, saying it was an attempt “to tarnish the credibility of the Ministry of Defense at this critical point” and that he had a “completely clear conscience”. Reznikov said he would not take the first step to resign. “According to the Ukrainian constitution, only President Zelensky, who is the highest military officer in Ukraine, can decide on the choice of the Defense Minister.” So far, the President of Ukraine Zelensky has not made a public statement on the matter.

Ukraine, which has been fending off a Russian invasion for a year, is widely regarded as the most corrupt country in Europe. The country currently relies on Western aid for the vast majority of its military expenditure.

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