The battle of 2 old people, brother-in-law, aged 74, quarreled, younger wife, aged 64, before grabbing a knife to cut off.

The 74-year-old brother-in-law is brutal after arguing with his wife, 67, and is strangled before struggling to slip into the kitchen, grabbing a knife and chipping it twice on the throat and collapses into a pool of blood Then myself sit and wait to surrender

At 4:30 p.m. on 26 Jan. Rin, Ban Klang Subdistrict, Wang Thong District, Phitsanulok Province After being informed, he went to investigate the scene along with the doctor at Wang Thong Hospital. Crime Scene Investigation Group Officer, Forensic Center 6 and Rescue Officer of Prasat Bunthathan Foundation Found a lot of villagers crowding the event. Inside the house after the accident, a two-story wooden house on the ground floor, one man’s body was found dead, with a sharp wounds cut into the throat. Blood flows on the floor. A horrible image The name of the deceased was known as Mr. Wichit Suksawat, aged 67, who was disabled on both sides of the leg and had to use a four-legged cane to support himself. The perpetrators hid in the back of the house, known as Mr. Wan Samsaeng, 74, who still confuses the police during custody.

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Inquired Mrs. Lamjuan Suksawat, age 68, the owner of the house said that the deceased As your own brother But the perpetrator was her husband. They both tend to have arguments on a regular basis. I like to dig up old stories and quarrel in the past. But quit drinking for many years because of their old age, they have always dissuaded that relatives do not fight at all In the past, they used to get drunk and put down and do some action, but never seriously injured them. But today I don’t know what happened. They go to eat noodles. Then he went back to the house and saw a picture of his brother being attacked, lying in the pool of blood and dead. When inquiring, the husband did not say anything, but walked to the back of the house. Therefore went to inform the village headman and informed the police to come to investigate the said

The reporter asked Mr. Wan Satsang, the knife hand to kill his wife. The seat is waiting to speak with the police. And said in a nutshell that Mr. Wichit Nong Wife First strangled their neck Today, there was no arguing, but the wife suddenly walked and strangled her neck. When he struggled to slip off Then went to the back of the house, took a knife and cut it twice, and when the tooth was finished, it did not escape. Waiting to turn myself right here Normally, he and his wife would often fight each other often.

While Mr. Khamkeaw, Village Headman 3, continued that today he did not know what was the cause of the quarrel. I did not think that it would be violent to go up and down. He came to investigate, and found Mr. Wichit’s body lying in a pool of blood, while Mr. Wan, who caused the cause, confessed to the police that he actually hurt his wife. But it still provoked that the deceased strangled himself first. So angry, went to grab a knife and slashed the neck until the brother-in-law finally died.

In this regard, the police will urgently investigate the cause and motive in more detail. And rescuers to take the body of the dead to the doctor for a detailed autopsy again at Phutthachinarat Hospital Before handing over the body to relatives to receive it back to perform as a traditional charity The perpetrators will be detained for further investigation. To prosecute To kill others with the intention According to the law

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