The beat gets “point”, opens a new dimension, Sheng Mo Lam, flicks the inner layer of “Nat”, her head hurts.

In the drama “Bodyguard Mo Lam” besides the protagonist Point-Chonwit will be both bodyguards and the singer Mo Lam Recently, it is still a babe washing underwear for the heroine Nat-Aniphon, but this work point made Nat’s head hurt. with fury What’s the best dance? Flicking the underwear in Nat without caring about the eyes of the people!!

It is a story when Rungfa (Point) sees Dr. Nicha (Nat) fainting and her clothes are soiled in mud from a car accident. With good wishes, Rungfa willingly manages to wash clothes for Dr. Nicha.

In this scene, director Jeab-Nantarat Breeve let Point-Nat play in a freestyle. Because it’s a cute scene of the Queen. Just blocking the camera angle to understand the same. I immediately started shooting.

Nat woke up in shock as the loud Mo Lam music rang through the house. Curiously, Nat hurriedly walked over to look at the window. but even gasped because the picture that is seen in front Point is swaying to the rhythm of Mo Lam songs. Plus, in his hand, he still holds Nat’s inner shirt, flicking and flicking without caring about the media. Nat, feeling embarrassed, hurriedly yelled for not stopping Point. But Point doesn’t care. until I can’t stand it He hurriedly ran downstairs and jumped, grabbing his undershirt from his hand. before pointing out that Point is a psycho!! Found this word to make the team laugh. Go with the cuteness of both of them.

The behind-the-scenes of the filming is still so cute and funny. How cute, adorable or tumultuous the real thing is? Follow us live in the drama “Bodyguard Mo Lam” on Thursday, July 7, at 1 pm on Channel 31.

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Molam bodyguard....

Mo Lam is a bodyguard...

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