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The best earned since the debut of Lee Yu-bi

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Actor Gyun Mi-ri’s daughter Yoo-bi said honestly about the modifiers whose mother’s name was given from a month’s income.
On the morning of the 23rd, KBS Radio Cool FM’Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ featured actor Lee Yoo-bi as a guest.
Lee Yoo-bi, who is active as an actor following her mother Geun-mi-ri, said on this day, “I hear a lot of people saying that she resembles her mother. When you look at the real thing, you tell them that you are more like it.”
He revealed, “I don’t talk much about my work (with my mother). At the beginning of my debut, he said,’Let’s live with a good heart as a public figure’ and’Don’t lose your concentration at the set’.”
Regarding the modifier, “Gyunmi’s Daughter,” he replied, “I don’t know if it helped, but I honestly hated it and was burdened. Now, there are times when I am grateful, it’s okay. Rather, there are times when MCs and reporters hesitate” He added, “My mother said,’If others get a salary, they will give it to their parents first, but I taught it wrong. It’s useless to raise it. So, I gave cash.”
Lee Yoo-bi frankly said, “I can’t make a lot of money” for a month’s income, but “I’m making the most since my debut.” He said that income is generated mainly through acting, photography, and commercials. He said, “I shoot beef once a month.”
Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-bi is about to release the movie’My Neighbor Cousin’ on the 25th.
(Photo = SNS capture of Park’s radio show)

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