The best response to the WSJ private North Korean missile is to strengthen deterrence in Northeast Asia

“Forming a new axis against the Democratic Alliance… China and Russia will welcome North Korea’s provocations”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a leading US daily, urged strengthening military deterrence in response to North Korea’s missile provocations on the 5th (local time).

The WSJ said in an editorial titled ‘North Korean Missiles’ that “the best response is to strengthen trust in conventional military deterrence in Northeast Asia because there are few diplomatic loopholes.”

The newspaper repeatedly emphasized that “the original sin was for North Korea to have (nuclear) bombs” and that “the best response now is deterrence.”

President Joe Biden’s comments that the United States is promising to defend Northeast Asia are “stupid”, saying that the United States’ confidence in conventional and nuclear deterrence has faded because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. will be taken if this pre-emptive strike is given.”

North Korea’s latest missile launch on the 4th, an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM), which caused panic in Japan, was compared to “imagining Cuba firing a missile over Florida.”

The United Nations Security Council agreed to hold a meeting today on North Korea’s ballistic missiles, but as long as North Korea’s sponsors China and Russia maintain their permanent seats, “nothing more than formal denuclearization can be expected,” the newspaper reported.

This is because even if a decision to punish or condemn North Korea is followed, it is very likely that these countries will be prevented from exercising their veto power.

The WSJ took the example of former President Donald Trump suspending joint South Korean-US exercises to curry favor with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying, “Chairman Kim wants to scare Western countries and return them to dialogue and extortion of more money from That’s how he behaves,” he said.

“The United States and South Korea have tried this ‘way of bribing’ several times in the past, but North Korea will not give up its nuclear threat.

Because that’s the only reason they get attention.”

The newspaper speculated that China and Russia would welcome North Korea’s provocations, saying the ‘post-Cold War era’ was ending and a new axis was being formed against its democratic allies.

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