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Mike White He felt good in Saturday's top-class Saturday's game, and Florida's coach had a legitimate reasons to feel like that.

Despite watching the Vols picking him away and that of his young team at times in the first 15 minutes, White saw that his Gators were out of the mat, finished the first half on a 14- 4, in a quiet way sold out, enter the enclosed room but without a 36-30 deficit.

Tennessee came into the Saturday game without guard Sophomore Yves Pons – although he is not a scorer but an important piece of rotation – and then he was part of the first half without guarding an all-SEC point in the future West Island, who won apart from Florida in the first 10 minutes but then tweaked the ankle and threw it out of the floor.

Everything considered, White felt quite.

Florida Mike White basketball coach (Photo: Randy Sartin, USA, TODAY Sports)

"We thought we were happy to be away, and we were hoping that they would really become very interesting," White said, if cleaning up some of the first half of the defense missions.

However, this did not happen.

Despite tip-of-the-spear Bone clearly without feeling 100 percent, it came out and scored the first bucket of the second half, and the Tennessee rhythm began, that is.

Tennessee turned towards a 19-point lead before it succeeded in final minutes 73-61. The Vols 18th program finished after the regular brush-season of the Gators season.

"I thought they came out in the second half and they got into a really good rhythm," White said. "We probably felt very good at scoring a few times very early in the second half, and we are sitting there with trade baskets with these men, and that's not the right equation to success."

The players' White police play for some time has taken place, and coach frustration was not a difficult one. He returned the story to the ordinary at the time he spoke to reporters, but even talked to the man whose team had just spent a golden opportunity to beat an excellent team that was not on our its best.

"Tennessee is amazing, but it is probably not as good as they can play," White said. "But we still want to succeed in our best possible game, and we did not succeed in doing so."

The white assertion is that Tennessee was not at its best on Saturday disputes disputes, and coach Vols Rick Barnes definitely not agree with it.

However, however, as White said, the Vols are quite even when they are not functioning at peak level.

White said not to encourage Tennessee's ranked No. 1 for a reason.

"They're great. I mean, they are the best team in the country," White said. "They're as good as they are officially. I think there is flexibility, toughness, the strength of the words I used to describe both sides of the basketball for these guys. They work at a high level again. They are all very strong. They have the ability [hurt you]. They can nurture their guards, and can move their feet. That is a good combination. And they are always prepared, of course.

"They're just … they're really good."

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