The Betrayal of ‘Chuvit Kamolwisit’: A New Twist in Thailand’s Government Formula

Title: Chuwit Kamolwisit’s Political Maneuvers Cause Uncertainty in Thailand’s Government Formation

Heading: The latest political move by Chuwit Kamolwisit surprises everyone, leaving Thailand’s government formation in disarray

The ongoing political saga in Thailand took a new turn as former politician Chuwit Kamolwisit’s actions sparked intense speculation and left the country in a state of uncertainty. Kamolwisit, known for his bold moves, previously introduced the “Mee Uncle, No Me” formula, which failed to gain traction. Now, he has opened yet another government formula, causing further confusion and raising concerns among the public.

Kamolwisit’s recent Facebook post implies that Thailand’s government formation is riddled with betrayal and deception. He compares the situation to consuming a drink that needs to be shaken before consumption, cautioning people to carefully read the label on the medicine bottle. His post suggests that the government formula being offered may contain harmful elements and urges voters to support Srettha Thavisin as the Prime Minister on August 2 and 4, 2023.

According to Kamolwisit, the Pheu Thai Party, often considered a cornerstone in government formation, is facing difficulties and struggling to find a suitable position. Negotiations involving underground formulas have created polarization within the party. As a result, alliances have been broken and alliances have been formed, with the party aligning itself with Thai Pride and becoming a part of the opposition. This unexpected alliance has left many feeling betrayed, including big capitalist Kao far.

Moreover, the two uncle parties, Palang Pracharath and Ruam Thai Sang Chart, have also faced betrayal. While Palang Pracharath had initially joined forces with Thais to create a nation, they have now become part of the opposition with 221 votes. This weak opposition, comprising two opposing groups that cannot fully cooperate, is unable to make a significant impact on the future government. Ultimately, it is the 26 million voters who supported the democratic side that have been most betrayed.

This political landscape is fraught with dangers, as the situation unfolds with uncertainty and potential consequences. The government formation process has become a source of controversy and confusion, with warnings about the detrimental effects of swallowing this “dangerous drug.” Back pain, intestinal distress, and even preventing long-distance travelers from returning home are among the listed side effects.

In the midst of this political turmoil, it is evident that Thailand’s government formation is in dire need of resolution. The actions of Chuwit Kamolwisit and the shifting alliances have thrown the entire process into disarray. As the country awaits a stable government, the repercussions of these political maneuvers are yet to be fully realized.

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The daily swell of ‘Chuwit Kamolwisit’ opens another ‘government formula’ for Thailand, betraying everyone, and people who travel far may not return home

look like “Establishment of government” Pheu Thai Party it will not fit easily After the government formula was prepared many formulas came out in the meantime There is a daily movement of “Chuvit Kamolwisit” former famous politician makes many people stare Previously, Chuwit opened the “Mee Uncle, No Me” formula, turning off the switch, stepping far. push to the opposition By allowing the Ruam Thai Party to create a nation and the strength of the state The two uncles also went to be an opposition party, but they were unsuccessful.

latest “Chuvit” The Facebook post states that form a government “Betrayal is everywhere” like a drink you have to “Shake before you eat” but don’t read the label on the side of the medicine bottle carefully first. Because this drug formula contains “harmful substances” and is offered on August 2 and 4, 2023, please vote for “Srettha Thavisin” as Prime Minister.

byChuwit R.state that form a government that the cook Pheu Thai Party polarity breaker Negotiating an underground formula Until the crystallization, the share can be obtained The people who took it all at once “cut back” by introducing a test drug to see, with the following ingredients:

Pheu Thai, Bhumjaithai, Democrat, Chartthaipattana, Prachachart, Chartpattana, Seri Ruamthai and small parties, a total of 264 votes. August 2023. As for those who eat, they immediately show “cut back” symptoms, because

Had to tear up the old MOU.
Pheu Thaisplit withgo far Then go live with Thai Pride, tied together, becoming a new pair of “Khao Tom Mud”, stepping aside to become a million percent “opposition” The will of the big capitalist Kao far has been betrayed many times. From the chairman of the council, the prime minister, to organizing the government, the two uncle parties Palang Pracharath and Ruam Thai Sang Chart as “opposition parties” were loudly betrayed. Kao Klai won election number 1, but had to go into opposition with the Song Loong Party. nasty Even when I said during the campaign, “There is an uncle, there is no us”, so now they have come together as the opposition. Going far as the opposition, but still “showing the hero”, voting for Pheu Thai in order not to take the uncle’s party to join the government too This is a drug “Third betrayal” does not take both uncles Don’t take the two of us, hit by three bounces, Palang Pracharat, join Thais to create a nation, step up to be the opposition with 221 votes, become a weak opposition because they are 2 opposing groups that can’t go together but we must go together Betrayed in the middle of the road So not strong enough to do anything for the future government betray the Senator Turn off the automatic switch. Because 264 votes have already been exceeded, another 151 votes have moved forward, a total of 415 votes, no need to reconcile the senator The hardest thing is to betray the people who voted 26 million votes to the democratic side.

So, if someone eats it, it is very dangerous. because the back is broken This drug formula is promoting ads everywhere. But there is a label attached to the bottle that says

“A dangerous drug, if swallowed, will cause back pain. intestinal distress and can prevent long-distance travelers from returning home.”

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