The Biden administration wants Trump’s border policy reinstated

Washington, DC: The Biden administration has decided to reinstate measures taken by the Trump administration to control the flow of refugees.

On Thursday, December 2, US-Mexican officials announced that asylum seekers seeking asylum in the United States would remain in Mexico and would be allowed to enter the United States only after a federal court order after a U.S. immigration hearing.

In the first year, the Biden administration expressed special interest in implementing the new immigration policies, but it did not fully succeed.

The growing number of illegal immigrants on the Mexican-US border has also led to a reconsideration of the government’s new immigration policies.

The Migrant Protection Protocol introduced by Trump was withdrawn in January when Biden came to power. The influx of refugees has been a major headache for the current administration, which has been forced to reinstate old Trump decisions one by one.

News and Photo: PP Cherian



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