The big lotus in Baoshishan City of Future Science and Technology… “Transparent Heroes”, a ridiculous wedding that happened in Hangzhou-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The big lotus in Baoshishan Future Science and Technology City… “Transparent Heroes”, a ridiculous wedding that happened in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Daily News On June 5, the film “Transparent Heroes” held a road show in Hangzhou Baimeihui Studios to receive the test of the first batch of audiences in the country. Facing the first batch of audiences who walked into the theater in the true sense, the two leading actors Shi Ce and Wang Hao were excited but also felt uneasy. As new film actors, this is the turn first for them to act as leading actors and actresses in a film and to take part in a traveling show Close Communication.

The film “Transparent Heroes” tells the story of the “transparent little” Huang Xiaolu and the “transparent man” Wu Cong, who have become transparent due to an accident, and a story of laughter and laughter, mutual redemption, love and kill The film will be released in June It will be released nationwide on the 30th, and the summer holidays will start with a laugh.

In the road show in Hangzhou, the two leading actors felt very warm. Because at this time last year, the film was being shot in Hangzhou. Hangzhou landmarks and scenic spots such as “Big Lotus”, Gem Mountain, Future Science and Technology City, and Sansheng Stone appeared on the big screen, adding a lot of color to the film.

In the road show, Shi Ce and Wang Hao shared their journey from obscurity to co-starring as male and female leads in films.

Shi Ce was very emotional: “I am 30 years old this year. From 25 to 30 years old, it seems that I have been running and working hard. “She hopes that the audience will like the yellow deer she plays, although the deer “crash”, But go on.

Wang Hao said, “I didn’t expect so many people to come to see it. As an actor, I am very satisfied if I can bring joy to everyone.”

The film is also considered a “spin-off” of the popular variety show “Annual Comedy Contest”. In addition to “Hao Shi Cheng Quan” partners Shi Ce and Wang Hao in the first season, the film also gathers players familiar to the audience such as Sun Tianyu, Song Muzi, Jiang Shimeng, Liu Siwei, Guo Dabao, Qiang Dongdong, and Wang Buran.


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