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The biggest change in Windows 11 is “Microsoft Store” (Muneka Nishida) –Engadget Japanese version

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Windows 11 has been announced. I think there are many articles about the features. There are many changes because it is the first time in 6 years to increase the number.

The most surprising thing was that “Android apps work”. Of course, there are some caveats to this.

▲ The Android version of TikTok is running on Windows 11.

This feature is also the result of a major renewal of the Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

With that in mind, the biggest change in Windows 11 is the “change in the store.” I would like to explain a little about what that means.

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MS struggle over “app store”

The application store was implemented in Windows from “Windows 8”. When Windows 8 was born in 2012, it was around the time when the “app store economy” by Apple and Google was launched rapidly, and Windows seems to be chasing it.

There are several advantages to adopting the app store type. It reduces the hassle of searching for apps and reduces the need to use apps of unknown origin, reducing the risk of malware contamination. And above all, it’s a source of revenue for the company that runs the store.

But the advantage of Windows and, by extension, the PC was “freedom.”

When the “Windows Store” was introduced in Windows 8, “Modern UI App (WinRT)” was adopted as the application model instead of the “Win32 API” base that was (and still is) widely used in Windows. .. As a result, the goodness of PCs, “application assets,” could not be utilized, and their use did not spread.

After that, it became Windows 10, and the app store became the “Microsoft Store” from 2017. “UWP (Universal Windows Platform)” was introduced as a new application framework, and after that, it became possible to package existing applications created with the Win32 API and distribute them in the Microsoft Store. Currently, not only Office 365 related apps such as Word and Excel, but also Apple’s “iTunes” are available from the Microsoft Store.

▲ Windows 10’s “Microsoft Store” has games and can be downloaded to iTunes.However, the utilization rate is never high

But even so, I think there are few Windows users who are actively using the Microsoft Store. This is because the degree of freedom is still low compared to the conventional application distribution method.

The meaning of “using the official store” is that it is difficult for malware to be mixed in because the “source” of the app is clarified, and that it is easy to find the app even when switching devices. I think there is.

In fact, games have become commonplace with Steam and the Epic Store, and Apple is based on the App Store on the Mac.

However, that hasn’t taken root in Windows … that’s how it’s done so far.

At “11”Major renewal of the store

Microsoft put a big scalpel there in Windows 11.

▲ Microsoft Store for Windows 11. Transform into a place where you can deliver anything from Office 365 to Android apps

First, we made it possible to distribute Win32 apps that are not packaged. This lowers the hurdle for app distribution.

Next, we changed the revenue model.

Developer 85: The revenue sharing model of Microsoft 15 will be maintained, but there will also be a model that is “royalty-free,” that is, the developer’s share is 100%.

However, this has the condition that “when using each company’s own payment”.

Companies like Adobe, for example, offer their own app subscriptions and have payment capabilities for that. So you don’t really need to use another company’s store.

However, with the new Microsoft Store model, you can use the place for free by making payments in-house, which may increase the usage rate.

▲ Even companies like Adobe that have their own store will be able to use the Microsoft Store “for free” as a contact point for users.

As a result, the value of the Microsoft Store will increase, and the number of cases where “businesses that do not have their own payments” outsource payments to Microsoft will increase, and the business value will increase.

On x86 or ARM. If it is “11”, the Android application will work

And the biggest way to expand the use of the Microsoft Store is “Android app behavior.”

Aaron Woodman, Windows General Manager at Microsoft, explains how Android apps work:

▲ Aaron Woodman, Windows General Manager at Microsoft.Responded to the author’s online interview after the recital

“The ability to run Android apps on top of Windows 11 will be added. X86 and ARM have different basic technologies for running Android apps, but on the surface there is no visible difference and the user does not need to be aware of the difference. “

In other words, even Android apps that often run on ARM processors can run on Windows running on x86. And, of course, the Android app works on the same ARM-based “Snapdragon-equipped Windows machine”.

As mentioned above, the Microsoft Store is not only a “own store” but also a “metastore” that stores other companies’ stores and hands over payments to them. Taking advantage of that structure, we will partner with Amazon, which develops its own store, for Android, and will develop it by incorporating the “Android store” that Amazon has mainly developed for Fire tablets.

▲ “Amazon’s Android App Store” will be incorporated into the Microsoft Store, and Android apps will be supplied from here.

So why Amazon? Is there a possibility that Google etc. will be added? Woodman commented:

“We decline to comment on undisclosed partnerships and possibilities. Our direction is to work with multiple stores to bring applications to Windows. We’re collaborating with Amazon to add an Android app store. I’ve done it, but I hope this isn’t the last. We want to offer as many stores as possible to achieve what our customers want. “

Android support has a big impact on “games”, and “Xbox” cooperation is also a tailwind

But frankly, there may not be so many Android apps that you want to run on your PC. Many can now be replaced by web services, and full-fledged productivity apps are on Windows.

But more casual things like games and some video distribution are more casual with Android apps, and some people will find them appealing.

To put it the other way around, the extremely large existence of Windows suddenly becomes the Android application market one day, and Amazon is involved in it, so it will be a very worrisome existence for game makers and the like.

And of course, the game is “Xbox”. Microsoft is focusing on the membership-based “Xbox Game Pass,” which will enable cloud gaming.

In Windows 11, the functions required for playing on high-performance gaming PCs have also been expanded, but since the Game Pass has been incorporated into the OS, the function as a “store” will also become stronger. However, to use the Game Pass, you need to pay the service usage fee.

▲ The function of Xbox Game Pass will be “OS built-in”, lowering the hurdle to start using

It has become commonplace for core gamers to have a gaming PC, but in the future, more casual people will also play games using a PC, such as “a little game between work” and “a little game after enjoying a video”. Opportunities may increase.

In that sense as well, there is no mistake in saying that “change in the store” is the key to Windows 11.


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