The biggest movie flops: the 42 biggest bombs at the box office

What is the biggest box office bomb of all time? We have an answer.

Using statistics from box office site The Numbers, we compiled a list of the 42 films that, compared to their production budgets, have lost the most at the box office.

We created our Hollywood hall of shame by selecting The Numbers roundup of the most expensive movies ever made, focusing on 508 movies with claimed budgets of $ 90 million or more. From this group, we focused on films that failed to recoup their budgets at the worldwide box office. We eliminated titles that had no reported grosses because they debuted in streaming (like “Bright“). We have also eliminated the films (such as “Call of the Wild” and “Tenet”) that were released in 2020 during the coronavirus outbreak.

Eventually, we created a list that includes films that competed at the Oscars and were mocked at the Razzies. Read on for the list, ranked from the smallest to the largest bombs. (The statistics on the numbers were updated as of September 6, 2020).


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