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On the occasion of the conferences of the 2nd edition of the Week of African Languages, Mahama Dabréthe President of the National Sub-Commission of Bissa organized a panel on the theme: “The Bissa, history, geographical and linguistic space, art, cultural and culinary identity”. This meeting was moderated by the Pr Willi The bullthe writer. It was this March 17, 2023 at the National Institute of Social Sciences (INSS).

The discovery of the Bissa ethnic group was on the agenda on the side ofINSS. three panelists presented the large family of Rialégrandfather of Wash it. The Pr Simon Tarnagdawriter and former CEO of the LONAB tackled the origins of the Bissa. He explained that the word “Bissa” etymologically designates a watercourse such as the river or the sea. “To designate the individual, we say in our language that’s itthe child of Bissa or bissagnononthe children of Bissa »he added.

Subsequently, the writer made it known that originally the Bissa were a community of hunters and herders with an acephalous hierarchy based on seniority. The panelist added that, over time, the Mossi came to dominate and culturally influence the Bissa through the chiefdom. “Little by little, the Bissa took a liking to chieftaincy with the influence of the Moved. All Bissa communities where chieftaincy is applied, it is very poorly applied compared to to Mossi communities. The Bissa do not have the culture of chieftaincy”, he specified.

The second panelistDr Alain Dabonéspoke about the construction of the bissa identity. He explained that according to the writings, the populations of Bissa stock came to Burkina Faso from the North of Ghana and that their arrival took place in two waves. A wave around the 8th century and another wave around the 15th century.

The panelist also spoke of the wave of populations who came from elsewhere to blend into the Bissa component. He cited, among other things, the Dabré who are the descendants of ZoungranaTHE Zerbo who were OuedraogoTHE SanogoTHE GuinkoTHE Gouem of BoussoumaTHE Beautiful who were SawadogoTHE BandaogoTHE GnégnéI Maré.

The third panelist namely the Linguist Dr. Nope Bambara spoke the Bissa language. According to her, the Bissa language is part of the Mandé linguistic family and is located in the i can or “country where village bissa ». She added that the Bissa language is subdivided into four dialects which are the lebri et Hellothe To learn and the gorminè.

Mahama DabréPresident of the National Sub-Commission of Bissa took the opportunity to present her organization. He recalled that this sous-commission was created in 1976 and has contributed, among other things, to the translation of the National Anthem and the Constitution into the Bissa national language.

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