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The 0-0 that Deportes Santa Cruz achieved against Unión San Felipe in the Aconcagua Valley did not leave a good taste in the mouth, because the unionist team considers that they should have obtained more than a bitter blank draw.

After the game, coach Hernán Peña stated that “we leave with a bitter taste, because we did everything to win. We controlled the first half, the second too, we created chances, they came directly to us, and we didn’t let a team that is fighting for promotion take action and that bothers us.”

Likewise, he stressed that “the boys have understood what the path is and on that side we are calm,” and that, despite the fact that “we were not able to achieve them, there is peace of mind that the way is being understood.”

For the Santa Cruz team, what’s coming will also be complicated. This Thursday, at 6 p.m., they will host the competition leader, Deportes Antofagasta, a duel that was pending on matchday 23, which had been suspended due to the flooding of the Joaquín Muñoz García stadium field.

Match Sheet

Union San Felipe (0): Pablo Heredia Ignacio Meza, Ítalo Müller, Nicolás Garrido, Francisco Valdés (58′, Matías Sandoval), Gonzalo Espinoza (80′, Franco Sosa), Gonzalo Jara González, Yerko González (80′, Ignacio Avilés), José Pablo Monreal, Mario Briceño, Nahuel Luján (69′, Hugo Herrera). DT: Juan Manuel López.

Sports Santa Cruz (0): Maximilian Velazco; Esteban Flores, Francisco Ayala, Jaime Luciano Gaete, Yerson Opazo, Alonso Rodriguez, Hernan Albano Becica (71′, Eduardo Vilches), Ignacio Lemmo, Cesar Diaz, Edwuin Pernia (80′, Byron Bustamante), Pedro Munoz (62′, Carlos Sepúlveda). DT: Hernan Rock.

Referees: Diego Flores, Carlos Venegas, Eric Pizarro, Fernando Véjar.

Cautioned: Gonzalez, Herrera (USF); Muñoz, Ayala, Becica (DSC).

Goals: There wasn’t.

Estadio: Municipal, San Felipe.


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