The Blank Paper Revolution is being driven away! Brother Wit “Becomes Legal In Seconds” Online praise: IQ 200

▲ The photo was taken from Wall Country Frog Clam’s Twitter

China comprehensive report / Lin Yanting

China’s “blank paper revolution” has blossomed everywhere, and the Chinese people took to the streets holding up blank papers, demanding that the blockade be lifted. However, the Beijing authorities used harsh measures to suppress and arrest people. In this regard, some netizens shared on Twitter that a “witty brother” who saw the police approaching turned the blank paper to the other side and said, “Don’t do that. Gather.” The police who want to arrest people are helpless.

Netizens share the white paper “Brother Wit” and praise: IQ 200

Netizen “Wall Country Frog Clam” often commented on current affairs in China on Twitter. After the “White Paper Revolution” started, he shared the situation of the “White Paper Revolution” in different parts of China in recently. He recently uploaded a picture of a man wearing a Man mask, on the white paper he wrote “Please do not collect.” The original PO mentioned that this “smart brother” was somewhere in China, the police turned over the white paper as soon as the police came, so the police had nothing to do with him.

This photo also caused heated discussions among netizens in China and Taiwan. Chinese netizens said that “wisdom occupies the highest and lowest levels”, “I suggest that everyone hold up napkins in the future, and blow their noses directly when the police come”, “Policeman brother, it has been spread all over the Internet to hold a blank paper, I can win 500 in one night, I’ll come out and try to see if I can win that much, if it’s not illegal, don’t stop me from winning money, okay?”;

Taiwanese netizens said, “Witful white paper life”, “How dare you use my spells against me, Potter?”, “With that pretend serious expression, it’s really close enough”, “This is a light traffic. Red?”, “Dynamic Protest” and so on.

The photo has been removed from FacebookThe photo has been removed from Facebook

The photo has been removed from Facebook

▲ The photo was removed from Facebook

The photo has been removed from FacebookThe photo has been removed from Facebook

The photo has been removed from Facebook

▲ The photo was removed from Facebook

A witty brother held a white paper and several police officers surrounded the video exposure

Another netizen uploaded a video of the scene. The man suspected that he had not written anything on it at the time. He was surrounded by several police officers and there were many people on the side. The man asked the police first, “I want to know. Did it cause any negative effect?” The policeman replied, “We also find it strange that someone called the police, so I came to find out what you have holding up this blank paper. “The people on the side continue to speak on behalf of the man, and the man also offers everyone Don’t help speak.

The police then asked, “What does it mean to hold a white paper? Do you usually do this?” The man replied, “It doesn’t make any sense to hold a white paper. “There’s a reason, you don’t do that. t usually does this, why did you mention this today”, at this point, the spectators said again, “Why not”, “He was not hindering others”, and the policeman was not to be outdone, as saying “Don’t obstruct law enforcement” for a while Wanting to cause a stir, the man immediately pulled the focus back to his body and said, “Does it matter? I don’t usually do it, but today I will. Is this illegal? Then you understand the situation.”

(The video is embedded from Twitter, please forgive me if it is deleted)

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