The body of Queen Elizabeth II moves to St George’s Church The crowd eagerly awaited its arrival.

The body of Queen Elizabeth II moves to St George’s Church The crowd eagerly awaited its arrival.

On September 19, foreign news agencies reported the royal funeral ceremony. Queen Elizabeth II of England, who started this morning.

Around 12:15 pm (18:15 pm Thai time) the royal coffin was called to sit on a cannon car in honor. to go to the Wellington Gate On the corner of Hyde Park 3 star Hotel with restaurant, near Buckingham Palace with a procession led by King Charles III, younger brother and younger brother and then Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex and the royal family after the funeral procession At that time, Big Ben rang a bell every 1 minute and a salute was fired every 1 minute. Afterwards, the casket was summoned from an artillery car and sat on the royal funeral lorry . at the Wellington Gate Before the funeral procession went to Windsor Castle west of London

with both British citizens and tourists coming to settle in and wait to watch the royal funeral procession with a mournful atmosphere

(Hannah McKay / Pool Photo via AP)
(Hannah McKay / Pool Photo via AP)
(Sarah Meyssonnier/Pool Photo via AP)
(Marko Djurica/Pool Photo via AP)
(AP Photo/Christophe Ena, Pond)
Somodevilla Chips / Pool via REUTER
Somodevilla Chip / Pool via REUTERS

at 3 pm local time. The royal funeral procession arrived at Windsor Castle. He then moved through the Long Walk to Windsor Castle. The procession was led by King Charles III and members of the royal family. It followed from the highest court. to Windsor Castle Then the coffin was brought into St George’s Church.

Around 4:00 pm, the final stage of the royal funeral ceremony began. Former and current members of the royal family, prime minister and Queen Elizabeth II’s court attended the ceremony. It took about 45 minutes, then the coffin was brought to the royal cemetery. with the Pipao staff singing the last mourning song

However, before the royal body is called to the royal cemetery The Imperial State of the Great Crown or the globe, which symbolizes churches around the world, has been called. and the king’s scepter Go down from the coffin before bringing these three important things to include on the altar. After that, the Lord Chamberlain which is the highest court of the Royal Household Bureau has cut the staff of their position It symbolizes the end of the service of Queen Elizabeth II and the broken scepter is placed on the royal coffin.
Later, at around 7:30 pm, members of the British royal family, led by King Charles III, attended an internal burial ceremony. At King George VI Memorial Church, where Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will be draped in her royal flag. He will be buried with his father, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, mother, Princess Margaret, younger sister and Prince Philip. His Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

It marks the end of Queen Elizabeth II’s final tour and the complete end of her 70-year reign.

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