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The Book of the Muslim Resurrection | The Book of the Muslim Resurrection

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MGS Narayanan Chairman and KEN Chief Editor A.P. . Kerala Muslim, 1921-2021 The book ‘History of the Centuries’ arrives at the Sharjah Book Fair. The big mountains of the crisis caused by the mountain bar have been overcome. The book records the resurrection of the dead. Society, Politics, Education, Religion, Culture, Literature, Advancement, Diaspora ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1408 pages, including links to hundreds of individuals and Muslim centers. The book is published in Jukali. Consider all stakeholders and base their contributions. The main feature of the book is that it is drawn and done. The young generation is also penniless with the writers who came. This makes this historical work remarkable.

‘Burning petals’ inspiring expatriate

Dr. Hasina Begum’s new novel Burning Flowers. ‘Burning Flowers’, published by Lipi Publications, is the story of a girl and her mother who find themselves confined within the four walls of a flat in the Gulf, leaving behind the lush greenery, gardens, birds and scenic atmosphere.

Dr. who is also a poet. Hasina Begum has been living in exile for 20 years. Their other books are Beyond the Thorns and the Ice in the Desert. He has also written songs for the album. Asst. Dr. who was an officer. Hasina Begum is currently the Principal of Abu Dhabi Model School.

Author: Dr. Hasina Begum

Publications: Font Publications

Hussein Madaouri’s ‘Silver Light’ with Qutb in Lok Down

Dubai: Dr. Hussein Mata Voor’s book ‘Silver Light’ Will be published at the Sharjah Book Fair today. Friday for the six-month-old believers whose church was closed due to a lockdown. An anthology of online advice on the subject. . Camp Ju, which broadcasts over time through social media. Qutbs in the Masjid are considered to be the most popular in the world. Has listeners. The church has the largest number of women in Malabar. They also have the unique feature of having that financial facility. Wheelchair access to the inside of the church for people with disabilities മുണ്ട്. Qutbs for the deaf are being translated into sign language. The government and allied departments provide for that health care. The countries have also discussed the issue in silver lining. Knowledge gained while studying at Umm al-Qur’an University in Makkah Are experiences

In this way, the church became a cultural center for preaching. Hussein made it possible to apply and publish. Woor said.

Hussain Madaoor

Publications: Font


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