The Boston Celtics will be redeemed or destroyed in 2019 NFL Playoffs

BOSTON – What do we think of the Celtics?

The preacher prefers to win the Eastern Congress, the Canna spent a lot of the regular season spinning fourth. They lost games that they hadn't lost and failed to compete in other places. Usually, the team is strongest mentally in the series last season, this version of the C was dissolved in a disck skin of passive aggressive fingerprint, slumped shoulders, and cryptic quotations.

And yet. (Use this sentence because it will be used frequently.)

The best basketball is being played by the Celtics as the postseason sends the parquet of the garden this afternoon to its first round series against the Pacers. In the past month, they won gut check games on the road and took home business care. The cans are hosting a first round series as evidence of their strong play down the stretch, including a pair of winners over Indiana.

It did not hurt that the Pacers had committed fats during the same period, which put an end to the great injury season. But this series is about the Celtics. This is when we finally see what they have done, and we find out once and how well they really are. Or not.

A few weeks ago, even a contest could be included in this series. Now that the Celtics have yet another taste of their potential, the loss would be a disaster. A disaster suitable for an uneven season with so high expectations, perhaps, but a disaster anyway.

"A lot of bullshit, a lot of downs and downs that could be better handled from a professional perspective," said Kyrie Irving with Wednesday reporters. “I'm talking to me personally, I'm not talking about our staff.”

Kyrie was offering a foundation for what can be described as her leadership style this season, but as this is Kyrie, he took a strange turn.

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics

Photograph by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

“I had a lot of questions,” continued Irving him. “There are many things that haven't been answered directly about what it takes to be a big professional in this series and I think that the frame is just out of date, in terms of what you have to be every single day and not so much hard so. ”

OK, what?

No one shows this season more than Kyrie. One of the main ecosystems of the series was that Irving was the best season for his career while at the same time resting on his colleagues when he was fit for his living.

Always provocative to the press, Kyrie got attracted to the media to find it interesting, which was very strange. Even more strange, the Canna were not very good when he was not on the court, but only when he was in street clothes, where they were completely without it. Many as they were last season when they reached the conference finals when it came back from knee surgery.

Don't worry if there's no logical sense. Logic and logic went from the window in the last fall when the C went off the gate. Irving young players and Irving Gordon Hayward found themselves struggling to experience life as a role players. Hayward went to the bench in a seasonal period to find himself and there was sudden loss of role players such as Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart.

The injuries were not as dramatic as last season, but many of the minor illnesses were suffering from them. Especially when Aron Baynes involved them, their big man / entrepreneur 20 minutes at night revealed periodic absences of tough and cohesion.

Kyrie went tirelessly, weaving and slipping through defenses and controversy when they were not needed. Like all teams, the Celtics exceeded their leader, it seems that only Irving was playing speed alone.

Things came to light in January after a strange series of efforts in which Kyrie blamed the young players for not adhering to his standards, and then suspected his agency free of charge that he had no suggestion. nothing to do by anyone. If this is his way to test his colleagues to see if they could manage internal drama, he returned really well. The team who handled everything melted down in the boos from the Garden's loyalty to more incredible performances.

And yet.

Not with Kyrie the fate of Celtics, but with Al Horford. The great man was a great success last spring and he gave an all-time competition that gave the Celtics all the go to the finals. If Horford is right, and he looked very right indeed the last few months, then the Celtics will be dangerous.

Horford is the solution to combat tough defensive replicas from Giannis Antetokounmpo to Joel Embiid, and a serious problem for opponents who must track out over the 3-point line. Spend her excellent safety skills from the high job and the old man's confident game will be down and Big Al will be convinced of the other teams.

You can also make a case that Hayward is the other key to unlocking the potential of C. After reaching the claw back season after the All-Star break, Hayward suddenly rediscovered his bouncing game. The average of 14-5-3 represents an effective over its last 14 games, giving a plaque choice for the Celtics.

There was no coincidence that Boston looked as good as he was during the whole season with Hayward's renewal of his second units. Hayward blew Hayward's State State for 30 points. And it was very important to make or break road competitions with the Heat and Pacers, which the town court locked in the first round.

Give healthy Horford to this team, locked Kyrie, and this version of Hayward and there is no telling how long they can go.

And yet.

As this is the Celtics in 2019, it would not be right to start the season smoothly. In a senseless game against Orlando last Sunday, Marcus Smart suffered some of the abdominal muscles that left the abdominal partial for his iliac badge. What this means is that it will be out for 4-6 weeks, most of the two rounds at least, unlike the entire Eastern Conference playing.

It is a significant blow because Backcourt Draymond came into his own this season. Because of his defensive host, he was one of the most important defenders, and caught his 3-point shooting with his confident stroke. Intelligent absence will depend heavily on the play games, not only in the couples, but with the unlimited energy loss that it brings to the task.

And yet.

Intelligent absence opens the door of Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier to take on more roles. Both players succeeded well under the playoff pressure last season, and both of them made many reduced opportunities.

Brown eventually got his way at midseason, but the bets couldn't be more for Rozier who has restricted his free agency this summer. Rozier is proud of his hope to put his regular season behind him and make a job in the job season.

There is a way to make redemption and it is clear that it is clear to everyone throughout the team. It starts with this series to win with the Pacers in any way necessary. It doesn't matter if it's ugly, since it's unlikely to be nice anyway. It may take longer than necessary, and it is likely that one moderate loss will be lost in the mix as there is always one around the corner with this team.

He or he could have seven games or even seven games be needed, but no matter how it is done, the cans of this series must win. From there they could go to Milwaukee, share a pair with the Bucks, and welcome them. Take fire at the right time and forge everyone. We have previously seen this franchise, 2010 to be accurate, and have many similarities to imagine them bound to a parallel path.

What do we need to do from the Celtics? We are about to find out.

Say What?!?

“I like being free. I have a wonderful life … what am I doing? I have a beautiful life. I'm going back to that beautiful life. I am looking forward to it. Someone must tell my boss, because I know she (Jeannie Buss) will be sick. But I knew I couldn't face her and talk to her. ”

– Magic Johnson after the Lakers retired through a press conference.

Reaction: Fully ordinary organization.

“I'm very comfortable here and comfortable working with (Robert Pera) and I'm not worried about my case at all.”

– Memphis GM hours Chris Wallace before Robert Pera applied.

Reaction: Completely normal to send your GM out to talk to the press about next season and then burn it to yourself and your coach.

“I didn't choose (the shirt), really. I was already hung when I was putting my clothes on. ”

– Anthony Davis after wearing a shirt to read: ‘That's everyone until his final match in New Orleans as a Pelican.

Reaction: Fully ordinary series.

The list

NBA consumable ideas

Short ideas and projections of the next round of the round. Note that projections were made before the games fell on Saturday.


The Bucks got a break when they pulled the Pistons who got out in the first round. The idea of ​​freedom of customization did not reach a series of play from Ray Allen's days, Sam Cassell, Big Dog Robinson, and the other Ervin Johnson, a little. Kudos to Detroit, and Ish Smith under underestimation, for grinding this last boy, but this should not be closed. Bucks in four heads.


The birds did not get a prey with the Magic, which played great defense for months and have the final x-factor in the high scoring reserve Terrence Ross. The Raps should cruise, no matter when, but when was there anything easy for them during the job season? Raps in it, for the sake of old times.


Taking into account the suspicious health of Joel Embiid, Philly is in the vicinity of jam after her Game 1 is decisively losing. All credit for Brooklyn who put a perfect game completed and looked at the smarter team, together, Saturday. The Sixers showed all the bad characteristics they had gathered during the season. This is the time Jimmy Butler must truly satisfy. Six in six, but six gloomy.

Golden State Clippers

There are not many things that the heroes enjoy more than meeting the clippers, which also happen as the last franchise of the Western Congress to hit a Golden Golden in the playoffs. That was back in Lob City sovereign days, which feel like eternity since then. I still have no idea what the heroes would do, but this seems like an appropriate animation test. Warriors in five.

Denver-San Antonio

The nuggets must win this round to validate their broken season. Had they caught OKC or Utah, you were looking at a lot of disturbed picks. Enter in the Spurs, who are smart and pretty enough to take advantage of the experience of Denver, but they do not have the best talent to benefit from the story. Consider this course at graduate level course in basketball playoff for the nuggets. It will be difficult, but feasible. Buttons in seven.

Portland-Oklahoma City

The third place was not needed by the Blazers because it meant a date with the Thunder who won all of the four meetings this season. Seedlings aside, it is interesting to consider whether Thunder's victory would be at all at ease, thinking that they have top 3 MVP candidates in Paul George and a recent winner in Russell Westbrook. Don't bet against Dame Lillard or my unofficial motto, but the Blazers don't look great. Thunder in it.


The Jazz was one of the best teams in the series during the last month, going on with 13-3 behind insurmountable defense and Donovan Mitchell reviving. The problem is that Houston was even better during that stretch and the rockets were a matchup nightmare for Jazz. The 4-5 seed actually works in Houston benefits. Better to get the heroes earlier than later. First, however. Rocket in five, but I don't feel right about it.

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