The Boston University completed losing almost 40 years on Tuesday night

Sammy Davis, Pembroke, a junior captain who lost all the last season due to the injury, was shot over Lindsay Reed's shoulder at 13:28 am overtime on Tuesday, and won the 41th Beanpot Women's Championship for the University Boston, 3-2, And finished a drought championship that began 16 years before she was born.

He started before the three assistant coach BU was born as well.

The drought began during the 40-year coach Brian Durocher's 40-year training career and, on February 20, 1981, at the known Southeast Arena – he would not repeat Matthews Arena until next year – the Zones exit Boston College, 4-0, to win the third Beanpot Ladies tournament as a club team.

Until Tuesday, that is.

In the 80's, the women's jack was the beginning. The first ECAC Hockey competition was not held for the women until 1983-84, and the Northeast won the first Boston school in 1988. The first national national championship was made in 1997-98, and the NCAA was dominating the event modern during the year 2000- 01 season. It was only a four team competition until 2005 when it was extended to the field of eight teams today.

Great Beanpot, which was a long time after university sports recognized in the East Women's Intelligent Athletics Association, was reasonably revolutionary, due to a university sport in 1978. Paula Dumart's south-east club coach sets up, according to Globe report at the time, calling the other three schools. North East hosting was the first event at Boston Arena in March 1979 and won this year before the men's team demanded it their the first Beanpot.

Boston was the first team to beat the Northeast in Women's Women, with a half-half 4-0 finish on February 17, 1981, to achieve that end. BU also came out in the next year's finals, falling 2-1 to Harvard at Walter Brown Arena an BU, but did not move to non-competitiveness as the other schools' programs grew.

Harvard was a varsity club from the outset, and John Bertagna, the future commissioner of East Hockey, won the Ivy League award and ECAC titles after him before fourteen national basketball of Katey Stone. No more Patty Kazmaier winners have been provided by any school, which is given annually for the first player in the women's game. North of the North East, which went into trade in 1980-81, through the ECAC championship before the establishment of East Women's Hockey in 2002-03 and eight hundred Beanpots direct from 1984-91.

Winner Sammy Davis & Beanpot draws winner Harvard Lindsay Reed. -Matthew J. Lee / Team member

Boston College was struggling, not fighting until 1994-95 and only launched one season in the first 11, but grew nationally and has reached 10 of the final 12 NCAA competitions.

And still BU – the winning men's team was 30 of the first 63 Beanpots – it did not happen until more than ten years later, in 2005-06, ultimately a room space could be suited corridors when Walter Brown's men suffered from the new opening Agganis Arena. After losing the last of 1982, BU 14 of the 17 Beanpot games lost, just hitting BC and losing through lopsided scores. So much so that BU took out the 1993 and 1994 competitions, and Brown replaced the former place instead.

When BU returned in 1995, the school lost half-half 24-0 to Southeast. In the 11 final Beanpots before becoming a reality program, the Gateways were completed 17 times and 22 games were lost straight.

Durocher, however, quickly took the build of visitors into power. BU won the program for its second annual season and began to check the immediate NCAA locations in the fifth, reaching the national championship match in 2011 and 2013. Notwithstanding those titles and the five titles of East Hockey, The Beanpot was absent: Loss at the end of 2007 to host RC; Harvard won by BU in 2008; and the Northeast winning in overtime in 2012.

Last week, Reagan Rust scored a shootout for the Northeast BU, finalizing when Terriers hosted a 48-23 hosting host in a regulation, but still needed 2-1 until she was force. Saving Reed 103 shots in two Harvard games.) After controlling the chances of a third without scoring and overtime, the drought appeared for another year.

Davis saw fit it was not.

"We kept saying," Is it for the ladies of the girl, "she told him Globe. "It was not only for our only team, it was for the girls who came before us and the girls who came after us."


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