The bottom of the semiconductor industry… Reaction to buy when Samsung Electronics stock price falls – Hi Investment & Securities

Money Today Reporter Samuel Kim | 2023.03.20 07:48

Hi Investment & Securities analyzed on the 20th that the stock price of Samsung Electronics is nearing the bottom as the semiconductor industry declines from its peak. We maintain our Buy rating and our 75,000 won price target.

Song Myung-seop, a researcher at HI Investment & Securities, said, “Samsung Electronics’ sales and operating profit are expected to be 62.84 trillion won and 1.21 trillion won in the first quarter of this year.” And the DRAM division will turn into a loss,” he predicted.

Researcher Song said, “Despite the recent rebound in some leading economic indicators, the decline of the semiconductor industry is approaching its peak.” He explained.

He said, “The year-on-year increase in global liquidity will turn into a full uptrend from April.” The rate of increase and decrease is hitting rock bottom,” he analyzed.

“Samsung Electronics’ current stock price is 1.18 times this year’s expected BPS (earnings per share), which is slightly higher than the historical low-end multiple average of 1.1 times,” he said. the former’s share price is falling,” he said.

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