The box arrived with the deceased’s belongings and ashes

People in the West are taking every possible way to eliminate Halloween celebrations. Brooke Wozniak, a woman from Maryland, USA, ordered a coffin online for Halloween decorations. But the box arrived at Brooke’s house containing the ashes of a deceased person.

Brooke found the box she wanted from the marketplace on Facebook. Brooke was delighted when the white painted steel box arrived at home. But when he opened the box, he found some things stuck in one part of it. Brooke received the box containing the ashes inside a white envelope, along with a photo of the deceased person, their Social Security number, and a band with the name of the hospital they had worn while at George Washington University Hospital.

Brooke and those with her were literally stunned by this. But Brooke finally came to the decision to hand over the remains, including the ashes, to the relatives of the deceased. So the video of these goods and the box was captured and uploaded on social media. Brooke’s impression that someone watching the video would approach the relatives of the dead person was not wrong. The deceased woman’s granddaughter, Edith Cruz, saw the video and informed her mother. Edith’s daughter, Sabrina, stated that the items belonged to her mother.

Edith, who was a community minister, died last January due to Covid. Relatives did not get a chance to see or care for Edith after she was taken to hospital. Edith was cremated at Sabrina’s direction by Freeman Funeral Services, undertaker.

Sabrina came to collect the ashes and other items directly from Brooke. Brooke had also found information about another person who died inside the ordered box. Freeman Funeral Services has ensured that things will be clarified in a few days after Sabrina questioned the funeral in such an irresponsible manner.