The boy's video “I can do anything” on Ellen DeGeneres

The boy's video “I can do anything” on Ellen DeGeneres

This 3 year NYC boy says regularly, “I can do anything!” – and this seems to be hanging with Ellen DeGeneres.

Ayaan Diop and his parents, Alissa Holder and Alpha Diop, visited the host during the day after the video mother sent a video to Instagram showing him the declaration, “I'm smart, I'm blessed, I can do something no to do! ”later he went viral.

In the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” section on Tuesday, Alissa says she started teaching the declaration to her son when he was only 2 years old, so he would have a “positive thing” to focus on . The proud mom took the viral video to her adorable son when he was walking to school, hitting a banana.

With regard to his mantra, DeGeneres recommends that it be amended, including, “I am very favorable,” says Ayaan, “Yes!” – and because of business, he says twice.

The original video received more than 205,000 views on Alissa's Instagram account, and almost 6 million comments have been posted on the show account.

DeGeneres tells his parents that the video is “the kind of thing we want to see now.”

“We want to see happiness, we want to be positive – and in particular we want to start our young people like this so that they have this faith,” says DeGeneres, undertaking a little Ayaan.

“You are an inspiration to us,” says Alissa, who is pregnant, with DeGeneres in response. “Even to assert – to be similar” – it's so powerful, so we thank you. ”

The Ayaan family received their own tangible thanks from DeGeneres. When they went to the show-based show, Ayaan looked at the movie “Toy Story” on the fly – so Ellen gave him a chance to give him dolls, trucks and other good goods. Disney movie. DeGeneres also gave Alissa a check of $ 20,000 from Aluta to help with the costs of their pending decision, as well as their upcoming marriage.

Since then Alissa has sent a note of gratitude to Instagram to the people of the world who respected her son's viral moment. “I am delighted that one minute could make the world at ease,” she writes.

Recently, DeGeneres made her “contact with the world – positively for others, negatively for others – when she spoke about her friendship with former president George W. Bush. Critics called DeGeneres, who is gay, when she saw a game with Bush at a recent game from Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers. “They thought, fáth Why is Hollywood's gay liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president? “She said on her show in response. “Many people were crazy.”

She went on to protect her friendship – and she gave an insight into what Ayaan's mother seems to understand about the talk show host.

“Just because I don't agree with someone on everything, it doesn't mean I'm not going to make friends with them,” she said. “When I say 'be kind to each other,' I mean only the people who think the same way you do. I mean to be kind to everyone. ”

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is at 3 o'clock. weekdays on NBC4 in New York.


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