The Boyz, ‘Wake up a week to come’… Return date changed to February 20th

THE BOYZ awaken the spell of a new song a week earlier than before.

On the 30th, IST Entertainment announced that they would move the return date of The Boyz’s 8th mini album, ‘BE AWAKE’ to February 20, a week earlier than before.

Boyz’s comeback date change is said to be due to artists’ schedule adjustments. Following last year’s world tour and a recent fan concert, it is expected that a new phase in the face of fans will develop, drawing attention.

Along with the news of the return date change, The Boyz have released a trailer titled ‘HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BOYZ’, raising interest by predicting images of complex emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, and frustration and will develop with the new album ‘BE AWAKE’. .

Meanwhile, The Boyz’ 8th mini album ‘BE AWAKE’ will be released on February 20th at 6pm on major music sites including Melon.

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