The Breath of Water genre adds two new forces! “Demon Slayer’s Blade Vulcan’s Blood Wind Tan” Fengtu and Zhenshi are sure to join the battle! -funglr Games

It is expected to be released on PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series XDemon Slayer Blade Vulcan Blood Wind Tan
Just last week, the Ghost Killing Squad was announced “Breeder“‘S popular character”Rin Taki Sakanji」。
There even appeared on the Internet “Why isn’t the attack method slapped?“This kind of interesting discussion.
So far, a lot of new information about “Ghost Slayer: Vulcan’s Blood and Wind” has been published in Weekly Shonen JUMP’s “Ghost killer“It’s made public, and the one sold todayWeekly Shonen JUMP 21, 22 combined issue in 2021Nor did it disappoint the fans.
Since this is a combined publication, the official also made it public all at onceTwo new characters

Unexpected character! “Demon Slayer Blade Vulcan Blood Wind Tan” Rin Takizako is confirmed to join the battle for the second time!

The rabbit & true rice are sure to join the war!

This time it is revealed that you will participate in the battle in VS mode.Rabbitas well asReal riceTwo characters!
With the publicity of the new character, today there is no exception to the release of “Character introduction video 07・Rabbit“with”Character introduction video 08・MasakaIntroductory videos of two other characters.
The rabbit and the real rice are bothWater Breathing School. It is the role announced last week, the disciple of Lin Taki.
They are also Tanjirou’sBrother, sisterGeneral existence.
But from the outside, it seems a bit too young to call Zhenshi Senior Sister… But if I explain here, spoilers are not good. For readers who haven’t read it, please stop here.
If you are interested in the content of the story,Be sure to watch the original manga or animation!

PlayStation Blog
Real rice
Real rice
PlayStation Blog

Character introduction video 07・ 锖兔

Character introduction video 08・Masaka

Water breathing genre accounts for the majority

As of today, among the 8 characters published in “Demon Slayer: Vulcan’s Blood and Wind”, there are already5 charactersYesWater Breathing Schoolcharacter of.
Maybe it’s because it’s easier to develop. After all, the moves and special effects are similar. But I still hope to see other breathing users soon!
“Demon Slayer Blade Vulcan’s Blood and Wind” is expected to be sold this year, but the official has not revealed which characters will appear on the scene.
Seeing that April is about to end, I can only look forward to the next official release of information.
As the next consecutive holiday coincides with the Japanese Golden Week, Weekly Junior JUMP will be suspended for one week. Although we are not sure whether Weekly Junior JUMP will release new information next time, we will continue to follow up the follow-up news for our readers!

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