“The bride who arrived at the wedding hall entered after confirming the deposit of 90 million earned”… what happened

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In February, in China, the bride who arrived at the wedding venue had an argument with the groom without getting out of the car.

The bride did not get out of the car because the dowry had not been left.

The bride could only get out of the car after the deposit was confirmed and married. In order to marry their son, the groom’s father had to urgently seek money, and in the end he broke down in tears.

At this time, the total amount of money the groom sent to the bride’s family for the wedding was reported to have reached 500,000 yuan (90,900,000 won).

Although it is a long-standing custom in China, excessive demands on the bride’s side remain controversial.

Earlier this year, a woman in her 20s was dragged by two men earlier this year, but the investigation revealed that it was her family. The reason is that the girl’s boyfriend did not prepare 500,000 yuan for a ‘dowry’.

The news spread online, causing outrage from netizens.

When ‘excessive dowry’ became a social problem, the Chinese authorities launched a campaign to regulate it.

In response, eight departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Organizational Department of the Communist Party of China, recently published the ‘work plan to reform rural customs, including expensive dowry,’ saying that old customs should be broken.

The plan stated that public officials should check the current situation of rural villages and manage them to avoid receiving too much dowry.

He also encouraged the village to review the rules of the village to prevent waste in various congratulatory events such as weddings and funerals.

The campaign will continue until the end of next year.

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