The Cabinet is back! Continue to use PCR to check travelers. If you see Omikron, immediately inform the Prime Minister.

“Prayut” confirmed that the RT-PCR test for the coronavirus will remain the same, preventing the Omicron strain while the Deputy Minister of Public Health. Revealed if found infected with Omicron strain in Thailand must notify the Prime Minister to discuss urgent countermeasures

Today (30 Nov) at 1:20 p.m., at the intersection of Sintimaitri Building and Thai Khu Fah Building. Government House After the Cabinet meeting General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Answering media questions about the case of Prof. There was a consensus on November 26, 64, preparing to adjust the method of detecting the infection.Covid-19 For Thai and foreign travelers from 63 countries/areas eligible for quarantine exemptions Or a test & go tourist from RT-PCR is an ATK test instead.

The Prime Minister confirmed that will continue to use the RT-PCR detection method as before According to the proposals of the Ministry of Health and related agencies discussed at the Cabinet meeting To prevent and control the epidemic of Omicron virus strains which will be announced in the next Government Gazette

“Satit” if omikron is found in Thailand report to the Prime Minister immediately and take measures as soon as possible

Meanwhile, Mr. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, said that the cabinet meeting today resolved to cancel the order of the Prof. to change the immigration screening measures. with ATK testing only and without RT-PCR testing, which will be effective from December 16th due to concerns about the epidemic of the Omicron mutant coronavirus andUse RT-PCR as usual.

As for the consequences of the Omikron outbreak, will the opening of entertainment venues be postponed or not? If no new species have been found Everything was the same as the original schedule. under more stringent measures which is now concerned about the natural route

When asked if a new species was found in Thailand Will lead to the country’s lockdown again or not, Mr. Satit said that the current practice is If a new species is found in Thailand Please report to the Prime Minister as soon as possible. and there will be further discussions and urgent measures to be taken



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