The Cabinet taps the tax collection on 3-wheel pickup trucks, electric motorcycles, and is expected to enter the state at 400 million baht per year.

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7 Dec. 2021 16:52

Cabinet resolution approves the tax collection of 3-wheel pickup trucks, golf carts, buggies, ATVs and electric motorcycles. Expected to generate income to the state of 400 million baht per year.

On December 7, 2021, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting has approved the draft ministerial regulations specifying the types of products according to the excise tax rate B.E. …. and the draft ministerial regulations. Determine the excise tax rate (No. ..) B.E. …. to create fairness and clarity in the collection of excise taxes on new forms of automobiles and motorcycles. as well as to promote the electric motorcycle industry in the country and to protect the environment

The Cabinet has approved two draft ministerial regulations to specify that golf carts are Golf carts, buggies and ATVs powered by electricity with a voltage of more than 12 volts or more or powered by fuel, and three-wheeled vehicles with the same driving characteristics. with motorcycles being a commodity that is subject to excise duty by amending the excise tax rate on automobiles and motorcycles In the past, there was no excise tax on such products. or collecting excise taxes

In this regard, the two Ministerial Regulations, namely, the Draft Ministerial Regulations defining the types of goods in accordance with the Excise Tariff, B.E. Attached to the Ministerial Regulations Prescribing Excise Tariffs, B.E. 60 to determine the Excise Tariffs for various types of automobiles and motorcycles as follows:

Golf carts, buggies and ATVs from the past, no excise tax. and improving the excise tax rate for 3-wheel pickup trucks and motorcycles to create fairness and clarity in excise tax collection by using voltage guidelines according to international standards

The collection of excise taxes on such goods will cause the state to earn more or lose income, such as three-wheeled pickup trucks, which were originally levied at a value-based tax rate of 17 percent. As a result, tax revenue is reduced. The excise collection of golf carts with various characteristics is expected to increase the state’s income from excise tax collection by 400 million baht.

Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said at the end that Determination of rules and excise tax rates Use voltage as a reference to international standards. It is also in line with the direction and policy of building an electric vehicle production base in Thailand.

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