‘The Callisto Protocol’, the new work from the creators of ‘Dead Space’, has been released and will be released on December 2nd.

Striking Distance Studios is an action horror game “Callisto ProtocolThe latest video of “Black Iron Trailer Truth” was released on YouTube.

The release date is Friday, December 2nd. There are also plans to expand into Japan. The target platforms are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

This work is“Dead SpaceA new third person survival horror game from the creators

The stage is 300 years in the future,Jupiter’s moon Callisto.Criminals are housed hereblack iron prison” exists, but one day, the prisoners in the facility transform into creatures and fall into chaos.

The main character, Jacob Lee, who is an imprisoned cargo ship pilot, must escape from here. Beyond that lies the mystery of Callisto.

(Image from YouTube)
(Image from YouTube)
(Image from YouTube)

This work is Jacob Lee from the “Transformers” series.Actor Josh Duhameland Karen Fukuhara, known for her role as Kimiko in “The Boys”, also appear.

The trailer released this time shows the story and atmosphere of this work, and focuses on the horror aspect..a grotesque creatureOf course, the disaster of Callisto, and draws with CGKaren FukuharaThe character played by him has been revealed, and I wonder how he will be part of the story.

(Image from YouTube)
(Image from YouTube)
(Image from YouTube)

The horror action game “The Callisto Protocol” will be released on Friday, December 2nd.

Click here for The Callisto Protocol official website
Click here for “The Callisto Protocol” PlayStation Store sales page.
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Click here for “The Callisto Protocol” Steam sales page.

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