The Cameo Shell case pending: the summons of the GSM networks MTN Benin and MOOV contested

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The trial in the Cameo Shell case, which was to take place this Tuesday, March 28, 2023, has been postponed for a second time by CRIET. This time, the debate has not even started. The question that arises is that of the responsibility of the GSM networks MTN Benin and MOOV in this case. However, from the opening of this second hearing, the lawyers of the two networks pointed out to the Court that the special prosecutor’s office of CRIET had not sent its summons to the correct entity of their respective companies.

Indeed, the special prosecutor’s office had sent its summons to MOOV Africa instead of Moov Money and to MTN Benin instead of MTN Money, which are the legal entities that deal with the transfer of mobile money concerned by the Cameo Shell case. . The lawyers pointed out that the two entities were separate and that this posed a procedural problem.

The judge in charge of the case then decided to adjourn the hearing to a later date to examine this procedural question. The victims’ representatives present in the courtroom left without being heard. In this case, three defendants, including the personnel director of the Longrich company, are being prosecuted by the CRIET special prosecutor’s office for “complicity in fraud via the internet”. According to the prosecution, more than three billion CFA francs were stolen in this case.

The postponement of this hearing raises questions about the diligence of the CRIET special prosecutor’s office in sending summonses to the correct entities of the companies concerned. This case also highlights the risks associated with mobile money transfers and the need for stricter regulation to prevent fraud and scams.

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