The “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023” conference schedule and target regions have been released, with the first round being EVO 2023 in August

The latest work in the series which finally resulted in the official statement “street fighter 6(Street Fighter 6)” is the”CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023“The conference schedule has finally been released. The conference will determine this year’s “Street Fighter 6” world champion.
The competition will include “Permier Online”, “Permier Offline” and “World Warrior”. A total of 48 participants will be eligible to participate in CAPCOM CUP X.

The long-awaited latest installment Street Fighter 6 is on sale! Web related service and Onitsuka Tiger collaboration

“CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023” conference schedule and target areas released


The “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023” schedule with the latest entry in the series “Street Fighter 6” released on June 2, 2023 (Friday) has finally been announced! The conference will be held around the world, and it is expected that there will be a series of fierce battles!
The 2022 competition will also include major conference groups “Online Permier”, “Offline Permier” and “World Warrior”. The winners of each conference will be entitled to participate in CAPCOM CUP X, with a total of 48 places.

Conference Timetable and Venue (The date is the local time of the conference location)

Conference timetable between August and October 2023


Conference timetable from October 2023 to January 2024


The iconic debut will be held in Las Vegas, USA in August at the “EVO Championship Series 2023”
This conference is part of “Offline Permier”.
Who will win the $1 million prize in “CAPCOM CUP X”? Which player will get the first ticket to take part in the final game? It’s very exciting!

In addition, the “Premier Japan Online Conference” will be held from December 2 (Saturday) to December 3 (Sun), 2023 Japan time.
It is very exciting to see who will be the player representing Japan!
Details can be found at“CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023” official website.And the official CAPCOM eSports Twitter (@CAPCOM_eSports) to browse.

What is “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023”?


Capcom Official World Tournament “CAPCOM CUP X” to Determine the World’s Strongest King of “Street Fighter VI”
In order to get the right to participate in the World Conference, a group of players will compete in “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023” for a chance to qualify.
The winning prize of “CAPCOM CUP X” is 1 million US dollars, and the total prize money is more than 2 million US dollars, which is the highest prize in history!

“CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023” can be participated even by new players, and they can also use the new operating system “Modern Management Type” of “Street Fighter 6” to compete.
The actual situation of the conference will be broadcast on the YouTube channel “CapcomFightersJP” and Twitch “CAPCOM Fighters“Live online.
Let’s witness the birth of the strongest fighter in the world!


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