The carmaker aims to produce 1.9 million cars this year, fearing geopolitics – a global economic recession.

Surapong Paisitpattanapong Vice President and Spokesperson of the Automotive Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) It revealed that the forecast of car production in 2023 will be 1.95 million units, divided into domestic sales of 900,000 units, an increase of 6.36% and exports of 1.05 million units, an increase of 1.22%.

By estimating the number of exports in 2023 according to the general export estimate, which is 1%.Product ChampionThailand will still export well. and unaffected by the global economic slowdown Moreover, the reopening of the country of China can lead to good growth in global trade and tourism this year. And it is good for exports in many countries.

In addition, there is the shortage of partssemiconductor (chip) much easier After people return to their normal lives A decline in online learning and working from home has slowed demand for chips for electronic devices. It is expected that the chip shortage situation will be resolved by 2026 when the new invested factory starts production.

For the positive factor of production for domestic sales It is estimated that it comes from the trip of foreign tourists traveling to Thailand, about 27 million people, as well as continuing to invest in government projects in infrastructure in the Development Zone Eastern Special (EEC). And the election is expected to make money spread. In addition, many forecasts predict that the economy in Thailand will grow at 3%.

However, risks from the global economy this year are expected to slow down and enter recession. which will affect car exports as well as having to keep an eye on geopolitical conflicts Keep an eye on the Taiwan Strait and beyond. Including raising interest rates to fight inflation. And the baht is expected to appreciate up to 30 baht per dollar.

that Thailand is not yet preparedFree Trade Agreement (FTA) withEuropean Union (EU) making it a disadvantage to other competitors in the last year Car exports to the European market fell sharply. especially Russia and Ukraine

For the year 2022, car production was 1.88 million units, an increase of 11.73% from the previous year. surpassing the previously set statistics divided into 1.03 million units produced for export and 846,198 units produced for domestic sales due to the gradual receipt of semiconductor parts since August The most of them are produced pickup trucks, which are the champion products of Thailand, in 1.24 million units, as well as the country’s economy improves from more than ten million foreign tourists. and more investment in employment

For the total car production in December 2022, there were 158,606 units, an increase of 2.75% from the previous year, due to the improvement of semiconductor parts for many car models.

As for finished car exports in December, 111,605 cars were exported, the highest in 42 months, an increase of 10.17% from 2021, with exports increasing in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central America and South America, however , there is still a Lack of parking spaces in car transporters

As for domestic car sales in December 2022, there were 82,799 units, down 9.02% from the same month last year, due to lower production due to lack of parts for some models and flooding in some areas.

In 2022, there were 9,583 new registrations (red labels) of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), an increase of 393.5% from the previous year and accounting for 1.52% of the total number of new vehicle registrations in the country, December 2022, in 13,551 registered BEV passenger cars.

including in December There are 1,242 new registrations of BEV electric passenger cars, an increase of 820% from the previous year, 4,071 HEV electric vehicles, an increase of 83.79%, and 679 PHEV vehicles, an increase of 22.78%.

It is expected that there will be 35,000 BEV registrations in 2023. Due to the growing confidence in the use of electric vehicles. After a world-class car company decided to invest in building a production base and set up a sales office in the country. Will start producing EVs in Thailand from 2024 onwards, including important factors such as prices below 1 million baht from the government’s announcement of measures to subsidize buyers and reduce tax rates In addition, there is an analytical report that the price of EVs in the 4 next years or in 2026 equal to or lower than an internal combustion engine car.

However, increasing demand for EVs around the world is seen to drive priceslithium orewhich is an important element in the production of batteries, the price will increase and put pressure on the selling price to increase accordingly Because currently, the price of lithium ore in the global market has increased more than 7 times .

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