The case is the Hmong formula. From tourists to victims Netizens both pity and laugh

The case is the Hmong formula. From tourists to victims Post a clip of your own curry. Netizens say before they feel sorry, let me laugh first.

Reporters reported that TikTok application user, a tourist who traveled from Phichit Province to visit Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province, shared a clip of his experience playing the ride. Hmong formula car which is considered a Popular player with tourists who come to visit Khao Kho District Don’t miss playing together.

But an unexpected event happened. When the car broke through the curve, causing the two people to fall from the car and roll to lie on the ground. slightly injured while the person himself sits up and laughs at such incidents with a message saying “End of racers #Formula Hmong #Khao Kho”

After the clip was published Many netizens came to tease each other, such as “by tourists Became a victim, what’s laughing Subtitle, Asking for permission to laugh, It’s a drift show by a mountain racer, Sorry I can’t hold back my laughter, My heart is broken with the song , everything happens Very quickly, only the song will be released, sorry for the secret laugh It hurt, I feel sorry for him but he got up and laughed.

while Ms Wilwan or Sai, a Formula Hmong driver He revealed that on March 17, 2023, he and his family and 13 friends traveled to Khao Kho District and invited each other to drive a Formula Hmong car. by this sister driving down before reaching the bottom is beautiful But his car and his friends are not like that. Driving down to the curve, the ground is quite rough. The wheels hit hard. The left foot was detached from the front wheel. to fail as seen in the clip The right thigh and back were slightly bruised. As for younger siblings Scraped Knee and right arm

As for the clip, the father was the one who pressed to take it and after seeing the clip, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. So it was posted on TikTok. Didn’t expect so many people would be interested. And if asked if he would go on tour again, he replied that he would, but he wouldn’t dare to play again.

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