The cause of all disease… 4 ways to reduce chronic inflammation in the body

Reducing tension and stress by quitting smoking and increasing your intake of anti-inflammatory foods can help reduce chronic inflammation in your body. [사진=클립아트코리아]

The body’s immune system responds by sending white blood cells to the injured area. It also triggers a temporary intense inflammatory response to aid the healing process. The inflammation that occurs during the healing process is of real help to our body. However, chronic inflammation in the body that occurred without our knowledge can threaten our health. Long-term chronic inflammation is also the cause of various diseases, including high blood pressure and stroke. Learn 4 ways to reduce chronic inflammation in your body.


Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods

According to studies related to inflammation, it is rich in healthy fats. Fish, whole grains, nuts and legumes The Mediterranean diet mainly reduces inflammation levels. On the other hand, a diet low in vegetables and high in sugar, refined grains, and trans fats promotes inflammation.

It is also worth paying attention to the relationship between chronic inflammation and alcohol. Usually, two cups a day for men and one cup a day for women is an appropriate amount, and if you drink too much beyond this amount, inflammation levels increase. instead of alcohol Antioxidants such as grapes and berriesEating this rich food is effective in reducing inflammation.

◆ Activity, increase more

In order to escape chronic inflammation, it is important to increase the amount of activity in daily life more than anything else. According to related studies 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week if enough Reduce inflammation levels by 12% can Lack of activity, especially in the middle-aged and elderly, can increase visceral fat in the body. An increase in visceral fat raises the level of inflammation in the body. It is also important to increase the amount of activity in your life, such as using the stairs rather than the elevator and doing simple stretches rather than being buried in the sofa even during breaks at home.


Cigarettes cause inflammation, quitting smoking is essential

Smoking triggers an inflammatory response. especially Tobacco affects the rate at which fat is deposited or the plaque that forms in arteries.increases, providing additional causes of chronic inflammation. As the plaque snowballs, inflammation surrounds it. This increase can lead to a type of blockage that can cause a heart attack if the plaque ruptures. If the exam shows that the level of inflammation is above the normal range, quitting smoking is essential.

Take time to relieve tension and stress

Participating in activities that reduce anxiety symptoms and avoiding stress are also good ways to reduce inflammation. Mental health and stress play a role in producing inflammation. Yoga and meditation are proven ways to relieve stress, and spending time with pleasant friends is also a good way. In particular, laughter is great at reducing blood vessel stiffness and aging.