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The CCP’s delayed retirement finalization expert: the treatment of officials and the people is even more different | China Pension System | Increase in the payment of pension insurance premiums | Pension gap

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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 02, 2021]The Chinese Communist Party officially announced that the number of new retirees in the next five years will exceed 40 million, which poses a huge challenge to China’s pension system. The official has decided to delay retirement and increase the payment of pension insurance premiums. Experts say that the CCP’s pension system is inherently unfair. The authorities delay the retirement age in order to ease the pressure of pension deficits. The treatment of government officials and ordinary people is even more unfair.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the Communist Party of China announced the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Human Resources and Social Security” on June 30, and will implement a gradual delay in retirement. At present, the current legal retirement age in China is 60 for male workers, 55 for female cadres, and 50 for female workers.

The plan reveals: China’s population aging continues to deepen, the number of new retirees during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period will exceed 40 million, and the working-age population will decrease by 35 million. The social security system is facing challenges.

In addition to delaying retirement, the plan also proposes to gradually increase the minimum payment period for receiving basic pensions. At present, the minimum payment period for receiving pensions is 15 years, and it will be increased in the future.

Once these two policies were implemented, the Chinese people not only delayed their retirement, but also delayed their pensions. In this way, the government can save a huge pension.

In November last year, the China Insurance Industry Association issued a report stating that in the next 5 to 10 years, China is expected to have a pension gap of 8 to 10 trillion yuan. And this gap will be further widened.

Xie Tian, ​​a professor at the Aiken School of Business at the University of South Carolina in the United States, said in an interview with NTDTV recently, “Communist party officials abuse and embezzle pensions from time to time. This fund must be in shortfall and must be made up. So this problem seems to be More and more serious, the only possible response for the CCP is to postpone, postpone payments, postpone pensions, and postpone retirement age.”

Lai Jianping, a master of international law in China University of Political Science and Law, believes that delayed retirement also involves the issue of unfair elderly care. People in Chinese institutions, enterprises and institutions can easily get high salaries only by taking classes. However, if ordinary employees delay their retirement, they will be forced to go out to work and pay pension insurance.

Lai Jianping said that delaying retirement is a matter of political privilege. The more you delay retirement, the greater the difference between the treatment of people in the system and the ordinary people, and the more this unfairness is reflected.

Beijing current politics observer Hua Po said that the CCP’s pension system was originally unfair. “The retirement benefits of these officials and institutions are much higher than those of corporate employees. But corporate employees also pay endowment insurance, so they pay for the insurance. Generally speaking, a large part of the people in these institutions and institutions have been compensated, and this has caused serious losses in this pension fund.”

Hua Po said, “Now that we are aging, more and more people are retiring. It has not enough money to spend, and there will be a deficit. So let everyone postpone their retirement.”

Based on the latest census data, Beijing’s Tsinghua University estimates that China is expected to enter a deeply aging society by the end of this year, which will be 4 years earlier than the previously estimated 2025. The so-called deeply aging society means that the population over 65 years old accounts for 14%.

Zheng Bingwen, director of the World Social Security Research Center, once said, “For every year of delay in the retirement age in my country, the pension pool can increase by 4 billion yuan, reduce expenditures by 16 billion yuan, and alleviate the fund gap by 20 billion yuan.”

Liao Cheng, a mainland economist, believes: “They (Chinese Communist Party officials) sit in their offices all day thinking about how to alleviate the economic crisis and how to pick wool from the vast majority of the people. Their institutions are bloated, overlapping, and such guardians are stealing. He doesn’t study it. What’s the key? China’s government monopoly, isolation and waste of productivity are world-wide, and this unfavorable factor for economic development is many times more serious than aging.”

He said that in recent years, the CCP has turned to the left in an all-round way, the country’s advancement and the people’s retreat has accelerated, many companies have moved out of China, the government’s tax revenue cannot rise, corruption cannot stop, and China’s economy has continued to deteriorate. Relief.

Among the Chinese people, the criticism of delaying the retirement age is almost inverted. The results of a questionnaire survey conducted by Wuhan’s “Yangtze River Daily” showed that among the 96,000 Internet users who participated in the voting, more than 80% opposed “delayed retirement.”

(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Wen Hui)

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