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Thiruvananthapuram: The police got the crucial CCTV footage of Thiruvananthapuram native Kiran, who went missing under mysterious circumstances after going to meet his girlfriend. The footage of Athimala running to the beach was found. After being abducted by the girl’s relatives, Kiran went missing near Ajimalak. The police say that Kiran has been friends with the girl for a year.

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On Saturday, Kiran, a native of Mottamood, along with two friends, came to meet his female friend in Ahrimala, whom he had met through Facebook. Kiran along with his friends reached in front of the girl’s house on the Ahrimala beach. While returning, Kiran and his friends were chased by the girl’s brother and two relatives.

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Kiran was taken on a bike and his friends in a car and taken to Ajimala. The police got the CCTV footage of an Ayurvedic resort in Ahrimala. It has scenes of Kiran running to the beach. But no one follows. The police suspect that Kiran may have run to the seashore fearing being beaten up by the time he reached the shore of Ahrimala. But the people who were with them did not tell their relatives about their son’s abduction and disappearance until they lodged a complaint with the police.

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The police say that Kiran and the girl have known each other for a year. Meanwhile, the girl had blocked Kiran’s phone. According to the police, Kiran came to see him directly after this. The girl’s brother had called Kiran’s father and warned him not to come home. The police investigation found that Kiran and his friends came in front of the house yesterday along with their friends and called the girl’s brother. Following this, Kenan is also followed by his friends and taken into the vehicle.

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