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Taiwan will hold four referendums on Saturday (18th). The results of the vote will affect Taiwan’s energy transition, export trade and other policies. This week is also the last central bank interest rate meeting this year. The market is closely following the movements of the US Federal Reserve. In addition, The Automation Industry Exhibition is expected to debut on Wednesday, and related equipment factories will display their latest products. The following is a preview of this week’s major events:

Four referendums appear on Saturday for the outpost next year’s local elections

Taiwan will hold four referendums on Saturday, including “Restart Nuclear Fourth”, “Anti-League Pig Imports”, “Referendum Tied the General Election” and “Relocation and Construction of the Third Natural Gas Terminal (Three Connections).” The pros and cons, and all political parties have seized the countdown time to press for votes on issues such as, trade, people’s livelihood, food safety, etc. This time is also regarded as an outpost for next year’s local elections.

Global Super Central Banks start weekly

The global super central banks started this week. Central banks including the United States, Taiwan, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia will all hold the last interest rate meeting of this year, especially as the pressure of global inflation continues to rise, and the new virus Omicron is coming again. The attack has also tested the mastery of interest rate decision-making by various central banks, especially the Fed’s movement that has attracted the most attention.

The Fed will announce the last currency resolution of the year on Wednesday (early Thursday morning in Taiwan) and update its forecasts on the economy and interest rates. Chairman Bauer and many officials have apparently switched to eagles recently, but the actual decision-making degree of “switching to eagles” also directly affects the volatility of the stock market.

The automation industry exhibition is carried out to focus on the field of smart manufacturing

Since the beginning of this year, with the impact of the new crown epidemic and the trade war, the global manufacturing industry is accelerating the pace of automation and digital transformation. “Taipei International Automation Industrialization Exhibition will also be launched on Wednesday. It is expected to meet the needs of major industries and bring together more than 1,000 exhibitors. There are more than 4,000 booths, including the hardware and software equipment and integrated systems required from the manufacturing end to the application end, providing the industry with a transformation and upgrading strategy to improve the manufacturing process and increase the added value of the product.

Strong demand for semiconductors Merck will announce expansion of investment in Taiwan

Material manufacturer Merck is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday to announce plans for large-scale investment in Taiwan to promote the vigorous development of the electronic technology industry. By joining hands with Taiwan’s industries to strengthen the supply chain, combine R&D and manufacturing capacity to expand, and consolidate its leading position in semiconductors.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs launches 5G and invites MediaTek and other big names to seize the global market

The global 5G mobile infrastructure market is estimated to reach 19.1 billion U.S. dollars this year, an annual increase of 39%. The Ministry of Economic Affairs is also actively promoting the development of 5G, and will hold a press conference on the results announcement tomorrow (13), inviting MediaTek (2454-TW) 5 manufacturers, including Mingtai, Atayal, Pegatron, and Inventec, shared the end-to-end 5G industry achievements.

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