The challenge of ‘making scars on the face’ is fashionable…伊 Regulatory Authority, TikTok Investigation

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‘French Scar Challenge’ trending among Italian teenagers

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(Rome = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Chang-yong = As the ‘French Scar Challenge’ became popular among Italian teenagers through the Chinese video sharing platform TikTok, Italian regulators launched an investigation into TikTok.

According to the ANSA news agency, the Italian Fair Trade Commission (AGCM) announced on the 21st (local time) that it had started an investigation into the dangerous challenge facing TikTok.

The survey is about the “French Scar Challenge,” where young people pinch each other’s faces or pinch their own faces to create artificial scars, the news agency said.

This challenge involves pinching the cheekbone area with your hand to break the capillaries under the skin, creating a band-shaped red bruise.

The local media reported that it was named the ‘French Scar Challenge’ in the sense of imitating the violent and rough appearance of French thieves.

Scars like this disappear on their own after a few days, but in severe cases, laser treatment is required, and concerns are growing that they may remain as permanent scars.

Italy’s Fair Trade Commission launched an investigation into TikTok, believing it was deliberately ignoring harmful content that encouraged young people to self-harm.

The Fair Trade Commission pointed out that “TikTok does not have an appropriate system to oversee content posted by third parties,” and that “‘French Scar Challenge’ violates TikTok’s guidelines for removing dangerous content.”

On the same day, Italian tax police visited TikTok’s Italian headquarters, Reuters reported.

TikTok, the parent company of Chinese ByteDance, is gaining explosive popularity among young people, but the international community, such as the United States and Europe, is strengthening regulations in case TikTok is used as a tool to provide personal information to the Chinese Communist Party or the expansion of China’s influence.

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