The champion’s house, the Asian Women’s Football Championship, Thai Chaba Kaew, had won the championship 1 time in 1983.

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The champion’s office Asian Women’s Football Championship In the past, it was regarded as China’s greatest supremacy. They are Asian champions 8 times, North Korea 3 times, Taiwan 3 times, Japan 2 times, Australia 1 time, New Zealand 1 time and Thailand 1 time.
by Home of the Asian Women’s Football Championship are as follows
China 8 times : 1986,1989,1991,1993,1995,1997,1999,2006
North Korea 3 times : 2001,2003,2008
Taiwan 3 times : 1977,1979,1981
Japan 2 times : 2014, 2018
Australia 1 time : 2010
Thailand 1 time : 1983
New Zealand 1 time: 1975

However, if you look at the development of the pace, then have to admit to the work of the Japanese “samurai girl” team because they have reached the title of world champion for 1 time, the kind that won the hearts of the whole world from fighting heart and tag. Small team tactics defeat big teams. Jack the Giant Killer style, 2011.



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